Uhm, being 50 states, is it not pre-balkanized?

The DemonRats refuse to coexist. They have to be stomped out. There’s no other way.

It’ll be more granular than state lines…

They’re parasites. They won’t secede. They won’t let anyone they feed off of escape. They secede quietly, by refusing to obey the constitution, but maintain control over their host by refusing to make it official.

All pulled under the growing federal umbrella, losing the balkanization properties that were originally built into the republic. Re-state-ification? No, not good enough at this point.

Watch another retarded ball game played by overgrown children being overpaid to distract the stupid. Bread and circuses. That’ll fix it…

After decades of treason and sedition by the government, how do you restore legitimate Constitutional authority without violence?

You don’t… The state will insist upon violence. It always does…

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