he makes a solid point…

He makes a solid point. How do you operate with an unstable, spastic government? When you pay entire corporate divisions to do legal research, but, meh, whatever, the Government does whatever it wants.

That’s the USA. That’s why it has to so viciously enforce protectionism. Everybody wants out. Even Banana Republics are attractive now… The US can’t be trusted. Words mean nothing. Laws mean nothing. If you’re a socialist, you can do anything you want. If you’re not, you’re a target… That’s it. Agree with the extreme left and you’re free to do any damn thing you want. Murder people. Never pay taxes. Anything. But if you oppose those people, some mass of bureaucracy will be found and dropped on you. No crime needed. You will be investigated. Not a crime. You. Just like the Stasi. You went against The Party. Your life is over. This is the USA.

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