White single mom of Oreo kid… Ok, that’s believable. Not just believable, but pretty much impossible to find something else…

Kid is computer super-genius, so is nigger-fucking single science mom. Yeah, that’s not a thing, has never been a thing, will never be a thing… If she’s so smart, how’d she end up like that? If women in general are so smart, why do they all pretty much end up having kids with losers and living on welfare in borderline poverty… I digress…

Yellow light, go very fast…

Proof of Source of Funds.

Know Your Customer.

Anti-Money Laundering.



Abolishing the 4th Amendment. Using the “compelling state interest” scam. Spread it to the other sections of the Bill of Rights until nothing is left.

Muh taxes! Muh Child Sex Trafficking! Muh drugz! Muh Eat The Rich! Muh Toxic Masculinity! Muh Munny Laundry! Excuses! Lies!

The purpose of The Bill of Rights is to state those interests which are always above the interests of the State. Sticking the word “compelling” in front of it changes nothing. There is no room in The Constitution for such a thing, and this is no accident.

…there IS something going wrong in the ecosphere. Nobody knows what it is, nobody can know the correct course of action. But, fumb humans will spaz about it…

“For the good of the planet!”

“For your own good!”

“For the children!”

“To protect the future!”

It’s almost 1488-ish… Weird…

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