violence perpetrated by men?

First, violence is no big deal next to what women do to men (and our families and children). I’ll gladly take violence over the lies, manipulation, slander, betrayal, stealing; all fully endorsed and backed by government. Please do, come at me with a knife. Swing at me. 4 of you at once. I can deal with that easily. Violence is a petty and stupid complaint because at least violence is honest. Which makes it better than women.

Secondly… Who cares? Women wanted this unisex coec trans dementia. They overwhelmingly voted for it. They destroyed decent men for opposing it, now they want the same decent men they betrayed and destroyed to save them from it? Fuck you, you worthless cunts! Reap what you’ve sown. You’re on your own. Let the muzzies rape you all to death. If I even notice, it will only be to point and laugh! You worthless pieces of shit deserve so much worse. Being raped to death is being let off easy compared to what you did to the men (and our children and families) you’re now begging for help… Fuck you. You made your bed, now sleep in it, whores.

I give zero fucks when women get what they deserve. Comeuppance. Eat shit.

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