whoops! woke card revoked!

Now she’ll be treated just like any white man!

It’s just words… If it bothers you sooo much, you’re the one that’s defective… I read nowhere in the Bible that Word X is bad and Word Y is good. It’s fake moral outrage invented by manipulators. Nigger. Chink. Honkey. Whatever.

Also… Why are western females always so obese that they’re deformed? What happened to not being a hideous glutton?

Doesn’t matter what vile things you say, what demands you make, what fake accusations when you don’t get your way… You’re disgusting, you’re wrong, I’m not required to want you, and I don’t. Doubling-down only proves that the nastiness on the outside is a reflection of even worse things on the inside. Yes. I can look at you and see that you’re a horrible person.

Nobody with a brain wants a cranky, ugly, entitled, arrogant, obese hag. Screaming fake “offensive” words in public is less terrible… Neither are appealing, but the “nigger” lady is less repulsive then “this is what a real woman looks like” types… Keto + treadmill. Or just stop eating tons of garbage while being a lazy shitcunt…

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