Lols, “incel shootings”

In a world of sluts and whores, who can’t get laid?

There’s no such thing as an incel.

But, there are tons of women crying about how no one is good enough for them. In spite of being greedy, shallow, entitled, selfish whores that screw trash like mad and brag about it.

Hmm… It’s almost like reality is the opposite of what they say… It’s almost like men have morals, standards, and expectations, and it’s women who are unwanted because they made themselves into garbage and only the worst, most pathetic excuses for “men” will even look at them and give them the attention they crave…

Black is white, up is down, short is long… Men who won’t associate with garbage women “can’t get laid.” It tells you where their head is when they measure everything with screwing, like their crotch is the center of the universe. Granted, it sucks stuff in like a black hole, but that’s a bad thing, not a good thing. Chastity is the highest of Feminine traits, and they are the opposite of it… No matter how obvious it gets that they’re at the bottom of the barrel, they’re so delusional that they think they are at the top of the heap. Black is white, up is down, short us long; bottom is top, top is bottom; good is evil, evil is good. Everything is a polar opposite lie in woman-land.

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