The left have gone communist. The right have gone collaborator.

Trump, and Republitards in general, have betrayed their base and we won’t vote for them anymore. They have no choice but to cater to communists for votes, because the rest of us won’t vote for them anymore. Stabbed us in the back, then pretended “this is the trend.” You fucks caused the trend by bertaying the people who voted for you. The Democrats do the bidding of the extreme left. The Republicans do the bidding of the extreme left.

I told you this was coming since I was a kid, but you told me a was a tinfoil hat weirdo. Here we are, I was right about everything…

Republicans help spread the lies the Democrats tell, I stead of debunking them and presenting Facts and Truth. The Bump Stock ban is the perfect example. Lied about what bump stocks do. Lied about how bump stocks work. Lied about what bump stocks are. Republicans rammed it through based on blatant lies from the long-corrupt ATF. No due process. Just lie to make an existing law apply, that way you don’t have to pass a new one or ammend anything. Just lie and slander all who speak the truth until you get your way.

Asking the ATF for guidance on firearms is like asking the KKK for guidance on racial tolerance… They’ve even admitted that they lied, and have no authority to do what they did. But, it’s too late, what’s done is done, no recourse. Facts don’t matter. There is no forum to present them. The precedent is set, the Government can simply lie about the facts of a circumstance to make it into a crime.

Your shirt is Cocaine. Nevermind that this is a lie. Doesn’t matter. You are in possession of contraband, off to prison you go. Your shirt is taken as evidence, put in a bag and labeled “Cocaine.” Shown to the judge. You’re guilty.

This is what happens when you elect a bloviating, clueless Boomer. He speaks in feelings, hormones, and generalities that don’t actually mean snything. Never facts or specifics. He can’t. Thus is the language of someone who doesn’t know shit about shit. Typical brainless Boomer. Operating in feelings and lies. He knows you’re even dumber and will fall for it…

The black market for sub-machine guns is about to explode. Blood will increase. Even more stacks of dead people. Just what the Democrats want… They depend on outrage to get votes, so they always create policies to cause more carnage. Nothing is more outrageous than stacks of dead babies… Bring in the ruthless foreign gangs and violent perverts, then blame everyone else. Take the guns away from the good people, give black-market sub-machine guns to the violent criminals and invaders… Of course it’s a horrible idea; that’s why they’re doing it!

You dumb cunts that complain about the “assault weapon” lie are contributing to it, and you know it. You want the US destroyed. Where will your money come from when all the productive, intelligent people are dead/gone? Communist trash… Fuck off and die.

The United States is already a hopeless shithole country. The debt and entitlement spending are already guaranteed to collapse the economy. It’s past the event horizon. Absolutely NOTHING can turn it back now. The only thing that makes the social persecution tolerable are the few tattered shreds of the 2nd Amendment which remain. Failing that, pretty much any 2nd or 3rd world country is a huge improvement. If the official law is “no more guns,” that puts it on a level field with most other shithole countries gun-wise. Which means we measure by other standards. Which means the US is one of the worst countries on Earth. There are only a handful of countries worse than the US when it comes to social decay and government corruption.

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