it’s an IQ test

You failed.

These stupid people are why the US is collapsing.

Listen to the clueless drivel they mouth-poop into a microphone, on camera… Such spectacular dumbness.

Somehow, these people have jobs. These people vote.

Normies are brainless garbage. Totally oblivious. Unable to form coherent thoughts. Heads jammed up their crotches for so long they are unable to process subject matter that isn’t crotch.

Wait, so what you’re saying is that there’s no way anything can endure women running rampant? If you want something to last, you have to keep women in their place? It is kind of a recognizable pattern. Nothing that lets women run amok exists for very long, and we read about it’s catastrophic demise… Everything that’s existed for over 500 years has rules keeping women under control… Everything that eliminates those rules almost instantly implodes… Just like gun control being evil (because it’s a female idea), it’s one of few absolute truths…

I remember back when trolling required creative thinking. Now all one has to do is speak the truth and commies, and the brainless normies that support them, come unhinged. Black is white. Up is down. Short is long. Denying this reality inversion is blasphemy against Guvjina!

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