democracy is the gateway to communism

No Cheers for Democracy

Democracy is the gateway to Communism.

Which is why the United States was founded as a Republic with limited Democratic governance.

The more idiots have been allowed access to the Vote, the more Communism they have voted for.

A Republic, if you can keep it…

It’s been a loonnngggg damn time since the United States even remotely resembled the Republic it was founded as, and it has destroyed itself with the slow rot from Republic to Democracy to Socialism and now the final stupidity of Communism.

“Regulation” is the seizure of the means of production. US Communism actually takes it a step further, and seizes access to the production. Not only does the government control all productive apparatus to the extreme that they function as State-owned entities, but it simultaneously forbids access to the products being produced on a case-by-case basis, dependent on adherence to The Party’s agenda.

You’re worried about China’s Social Credit system? The US version is waayyy ahead of China! China is playing catch-up!

“You can’t function in society without a bank account, but you’ve comitted wrongthink, so you are forbidden a bank account.”

The same applies to food, water, clothing, shelter, transportation, communication, etc…

Everything you need to survive is not merely owned by the state, but handed out only to those the State seems good enough. Disagree with the State, you’re not good enough.

Everything is controlled by the State. The “corporation” is a wholy-owned subsidiary of the government, regulated so heavily that it is a “private entity” only in the minds of the exceedingly stupid. A regulatory takeover happily accepted with the promise of “too big to fail” and sanctioned monopoly. A functionally government monopoly…

They didn’t implement Communism. They actually managed to invent something worse than Communism, and implemented that…

This is why only white male land owners should be allowed to vote. You let all the rabble start voting, it collapses into blood and shit. Every time.

A Republic, and you couldn’t keep it. A bunch of stupid animals who would rather “be offended” by the truth if it, than own the fact that they destroyed the greatest thing thus far concieved… All in the name of burgers and whoring.

This form of hateful Communism has its roots in Estrogen. How dare I speak the ultimate truth of it! Hear them hiss and curse my name! But, at no point do they disagree or argue against what I’ve said… Because they do indeed agree with what I’ve said.

They take issue not with the fact that I have shone a light on this ugliness, but that I dared to say it was ugliness…

You see the pattern in everything. Call out a woman’s hypocritical double-standard on any category, you’re met with seething vitriol. Not because you’ve mis-identified anything, you haven’t, and no such argument is ever presented. But, that you’ve exposed it and called it bad. You’ve torn through the lies, the conflation, the sophistry, and forced her to see the blackness of her own soul with her own eyes, from her own perspective. The undeniable insidiousness that she is.

She never denies it. She only gets pissed off that you have exposed her for what she is. She knows it’s true, and the lies that his it were her handiwork, now torn asunder.

How dare you! How dare I! Umbrage! Offence!

She tries to insult the one who did it. Slander, false accusations, insults, shaming tactics, comments of inadequacy for which she only dreams to possess actual knowledge…

But never a denial. Never a rebuttal. Never an argument… Never a factual refutation… Because she knows there cannot be one. Only the truth has been spoken and seen, something she desperately wsnt d to keep hidden in deception.

It’s all quite familiar, eh?

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