Herp derp

Ban guns, and all you do is lower the bar for the bad guys… Now all they need is a knife because their victims don’t have guns anymore…

Prior to banning guns, bad guys with knives would get shot!

Now, they don’t…

Praytell, how will you ban knives?

The masses are still too stupid to understand how this works, and keep voting to make it worse…

Government is always en bed with the criminals they pretend to be “protecting” us from. No 3rd party can protect anyone. The refusal to take on the personal responsibility of one’s own safety will always spiral ever downwards… It’s logically and physically impossible for government to protect anybody from anything. It’s never been done.

But they can make you into an easy target. Sure, it’s your choice to be an easy target if that’s what you want. But it’s utterly evil to use the power and violence of government to make everyone into an easy target just because you choose that.

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