they always, always, always lie…

Every form of deception possible… Sophistry, conflation, plain old lies… Typical leftist/female degeneracy. But, best of all, they flat-out explain that it won’t work… Then proceed into an elaborate pile of nonsense which will also not work for the exact same reason!

“If the State converts a right (liberty) into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with impunity.” Shuttleworth vs. City of Birmingham, Alabama.

Take the way they manipulated the chart data. This is not an honest mistake. This is elaborate, well-planned deception.

These people assume and frame their argument around the idea that the government is the all-giving god, the source of all things, to which all thing return when they die… Government is Gaia. These people have severe developmental shortcomings…

We even see it in their “gun buy-back” nonsense. Back? How do you buy “back” something that was never yours? I’m not aware of any government, anywhere, ever, designing and creating any gun, ever. These people aren’t trying to be deceptive on this point. They genuinely think government is big daddy and god at the same time. If X exists, it’s because Guvjina created and provided X… Yet Guvjina has never created or provided anything, ever, in all of recorded history.

…and the most hilarious are the idiots crying about 3D printing… Guns are simple objects that can easilly be made using century+ old technology BETTER than any current 3D printing technology. For less than the price of most used cars, you can set up an entire shop to make hundreds of guns a week. Nobody will ever know it’s happening. No paperwork. No serial numbers. No government. No background checks. No registration. You can then dismantle that shop and disappear. No overpriced, half-assed 3D printing nonsense involved.

It’s proof that most westerners have never had a real job, and know nothing about industry, manufacturing, metal working, etc. Their so-called “ideas” only make sense within a frame of total cluelessness. The mind of a stupid, bratty child, in an adult’s body.

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