you have no fucking clue…

Unfortunately, this pisses off blacks. It means they are working… They don’t want to work. It’s an insult to them. They want free shit stolen from whitey.

Go to Africa and see for yourself. The Kangz and Kweenz attitude is strong. It results in complete destitution because absolutely everyone believes they are entitled, and refuse to do fuck all. It’s always the job of someone else who is low and below them. Vicious, ruthlessness you don’t even know, is how all things are decided. Being offended is the law. Any excuse to declare something beneath you, any excuse to put someone down/out. It’s nothing but a brainless, animalistc power struggle in every tiny detail.

You wonder where the left gets it?

Take a stroll through any western ghetto. This behavior/lack of thinking is in their DNA. No matter where you move them, only a few ever develop higher intellect. Most remain dumb savages no matter what you do.

No one wants to avoid black neighborhoods more than blacks.

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