She’s not unaware. She’s deliberately lying and pretending to be dumb.

Typical DemonRat.
Typical woman.

When someone uses the phrase “assault weapon,” the conversation is already over. An honest person does not use fake, childish, propaganda terms that are designed to invoke emotional responses, eliminate facts and rational discussion… When someone uses the phrase “assault weapon” it’s already over. They’re lying. They know they’re lying. They know lies are the only way they can win, which is why they’re lying in the first place.

I’ve tried to have a rational sit-down like this many times. But, it’s impossible. They always lie, start screaming insults, making up fake accusations, fake “examples.” It’s hopeless and pointless.

Ted just explained it, and she immediately called it rhetoric that doesn’t matter and is getting in the way. Dismissed it out of hand because it smashes her bullshit.

The knows she just got called out on a lie and wants to get back to driving a point based on the lie, while skipping over the part where the foundation just got knocked out from under her whole agenda. She doesn’t care about facts. She is a masterful manipulator.

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