Women have spent 7 generations dedicated to transforming government into a weapon to destroy men.

They got what they wanted and now they’re pissed.

Surprise… Women got exactly what they wanted, they hate it, and it’s all mens’ fault.

If a horrible disease killed all the White Men, the only complaint would be that women have no one to divorce rape, and no form of industrialized goods/services are available anymore.

No one would mention that all the White Men are dead, and that’s the reason why everything sucks now. No one would even care because White Men aren’t considered people. We aren’t even livestock. They’d be mad if all the cows or all the chickens went extinct. But, White Men? Fuck ’em.

Genocide against White Men is not merely normalized, but considered desirable. Global governments are in full support. The only thing of place is gun confiscation, and the pre-crime/wrongthink needed to finally achieve that is almost in place in the form of Red Flag laws. Virtually all industrialized and financial systems are under control of The State via gross over-regulation.

Food. Clean water. Clothing. Housing. Transportation. Sanitation. Electricity. Communication. Mining. Manufacturing. The simple joy of productivity and accomplishment.

All controlled by the communist state. An entity which has proven unanimously that it cannot do anything but completely annihilate all of these things.

Even CBDC is being tabled. Government ruins everything as the stupid lazy masses demand that it do everything.

Venezuela on a global scale is at hand. It can’t go any other way. Math. The longer you resist the laws of nature, the more brutal the inevitable equalization.

You can kick the can for only so long. Eventually it explodes and you’re forced to accept it was not a can. It was a grenade.

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