how does one become a gun nut?

You start out as a student of history. Then you notice holes. Missing pieces. Then you notice all the holes and missing pieces have a pattern: guns and war. Then you study war more specifically. Then you study the implements of war. Then it all clicks. You become a gun nut because there’s no such thing as “sorta” supporting democide. You realize there’s no such thing as moderacy. It’s not at all a “for or against” thing. It’s just reality. The switch is on or the switch is off. In between is the lie you’re sold by the faction that wants your support by telling you that being wishy-washy is admirable. Why? Because being wishy-wadhy serves their interest. You support that faction without knowing it through falling for lies, conflation, and sophistry. It is this faction, not necessarrilly you, which always has a “‘those people’ must be exterminated” agenda.

History never sleeps… You best start believing is ghost stories; you’re in one!

This faction is always, always, ALWAYS, the Leftists. Bolsheviks. Socialists. Communists. Nazis. Maoists. Democrats. Labor. Whatever the name they’re hiding behind, the game is always the same. They have a childlike utopian idea of society/reality, and in their defective minds there is always “those people” who are standing in the way of achieving it. Their understanding of reality is so deformed, that they even blame “those people” for natural laws that they hate. Things like gravity, economics, and even the weather. It’s all “those people” who are to blame. Because their goal is impossible, there is no goal. They just keep pushing farther and farther. There is no finish line. No matter how extreme the measures they have to take, it’s always justified in the quest for their “noble” agenda. Kill of one group of “those people,” but utopia has still not arrived? Well, there must be some other “those people” still holding it back! We’re so close, we just gotta slaughtered another heap of “those people!”

Keep reading. It happens over and over and over again.

The Devil doesn’t appear before you all red, with horns, a pitchfork, and a pointy tail. He hides the ugliest parts of history, and pleads with you in the name of righteousness.

…and just for fun:

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