Herp derp goes the femtard

It’s a two way street.

As women have eschewed more and more of what it is to be a woman, I’ve lost interest. They’ve got the anatomical parts, but that’s it. If I were a dumb savage that might be good enough for me. But, I’m not a dumb savage. I require more (a lot more) from a woman than mere jubblies and a sloppy hole.

Essential, the female proposition today is bestiality. Nasty. No thanks.

Call me all the names you want. I give zero fucks. Fugratively and literally.

“Why can’t I find a good man?”

Because you’re a sad excuse for a woman.

The most effective way to lose your interest in western females, is experience with them. Unless you’re a mindless loser that only cares about that one thing… Because that’s all they have anymore.

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