so very nailed it

The bottom line is the lie that hard work and persistence will eventually win the day. No. No it won’t. It’ll just get you fucked that much harder, and your kids, too. Every virtue of a man has been turned into a weapon against him, and women did it.

It reminds me of old magnetic hard drives. There are only two kinds of hard drives. Those that are going to crash, and those that are going to crash again…

There are two kinds of men in the world today. Those who have figured it out, and those who are going to learn the hard way.

There are two kinds on men. Those that are going to get screwed over, and those that are too stupid to learn, so they’re going to get screwed over again. …and again, and again… Women love these stupid “traditional” crotch worshippers that keep stepping on the land mines…

How many 40, 50, 60 year old idiots do you know who were divorced 1, 2, 3, 4 times? These morons just can’t understand that women have the divorce planned before the first date… They’re so worried about the man’s commitment, because they need him blind and locked in. At no point was she ever committed… A non-committal wife and mother, who never had any intention of sticking around; what every child needs…

The ones that really suffer are the kids. Women absolutely do not care about kids except for one thing; using them as a weapon to leverage more cash and prizes in the divorce rape.

We’re you a good, hard working, strong, dependable, stable man? Welp, you just increased the settlement, alimony, child support, etc that you’re going to have to pay! The better you are, the more viciously you’ll be bent over and fucked! …and you still won’t get to be an influence in your kids’ lives. The revolving door of losers she fucks in the house you’re still paying for; those will be your childrens’ role models.

Go ahead. Be Ward Cleaver. You’ll end up broke, slandered, never seeing your kids, and/or in prison. Fulfilling the proper male role, being a decent, real man, is the best way to guarantee that you and your kids get royally fucked that has ever existed. There is no future in it, and no hope for those that pursue it.

Smart men don’t dive into the meat grinder.

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