…you thought #FightFor15 was about minimum wage?

Women, overwhelmingly, have been voting for and supporting pedophilia for decades. Granted, many are too stupid and uninformed to realize they’ve been voting for it and supporting it, because they like to exercise rights without the responsibility of doing factual research…

Women almost never even get charged for statutory rape. Female teaches with male students is so cool mmon it doesn’t even make the news anymore.

Women commit the majority of child sexual abuse.

Of people who kill their own children, again, women hold the record…

Virtually never even brought up on charges! The few that do get a slap on the wrist.

But, it’s legal to attack a man with mace, minding his own business, because a delusional broad “was scared.”

Women know they can lie and get away with it, they openly brag about it!

#KillAllWhiteMen is spoken with no concern.

All with full backing of the legal system…

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