I’ve been to a few “3rd world hell holes.” Not one of them was as bad as Democrat run cities in the US. Detroit. New York. Chicago. Boston. All worse than any “3rd world hell hole” to which I’ve been.

An even better point… The low part in most of my travels is passing through JFK airport in NYC (O’Hare is fairly suck, too). No one there gives a damn about doing their job, absolute shit attitudes and work ethic. I’ve never seen a single white man working there… Nothing is ever done right or to any rational schedule. I’ve just accepted that it’s going to be a clusterfuck of stupid lazy shits. If you dare to say anything, they’ll blame you and say “you should have gotten here two hours early.” Fuckhead, the plane I was on landed 4 hours ago! How do I get here sooner than when the plane that brought me here landed? I’ve been standing in your zero movement line for 4 hours while absolutely nobody does anything, ever. Just stand around smirking that they get paid royally to fuck around and do nothing while mocking those who foot the bill…Thousands of them, all day long…

Airport staff in China, UAE, and Qatar are more polite, competent, helpful, and speak better English! Sparse… There’s hardly anyone there, but those who are, work efficiently and competently. Have you been through ICN, HKG, AUH, CAN, or DOH, ever? Shit gets done! One person manages to do more work than 100 useless, obnoxious losers in JFK. You could fire them all and nothing would change… TSA: Thousands Standing Around. The definition of a Welfare Job.

Bumblefuck southeast Asia? No problem.

Miami. Are you kidding me? No way!

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