The Lie of Omission

For a finish process that is supposed to be pretty easy to perform, Parkerizing has been, and continues to be, an absolute bitch. Why do I put up with it?

It’s the best.

Best? Isn’t that a subjective term?


It’s the best in durability and corrosion resistance.

But what about Black Oxide Coating or Anodizing?

Black Oxide is fun for manufacturers and Sellers because there are several ways to do it and they don’t bother to tell you which they are using. Only one Black Oxide process is worth a damn. It’s actually more complicated than Parkerizing, and results are no better, if one could even say it’s on par to Parkerizing. I don’t say that. The other pocesses are still “Black Oxide” but are nowhere close to the durability and corrosion resistance. Cold Black Oxide will even rub off with your finger! Not all “Black Oxide” processes are the same. Not even close. Read:

Anodizing is similar. Hard Anodized? Just color? I own a Bumpski for my AKs. I’m not going to get into the dislikes I have for a bump stock that cost more than the rifle it goes on. I touch it and I get black stuff all over me. The t-rail is flaking aluminum off at an alarming rate. For an almost $500 piece of hardware designed to attach to the most rugged rifle known to man, I doubt it’s going to last 1000rds before the t-rail is completely destroyed. An accessory for your AK that turns it into a delicate, high-maintenance fairy princess, and will fall apart anyway no matter what? Really? It’s color anodized, not hard anodized. It’s easy to tell the difference by looking at a mil-spec anodized AR-15 receiver and then looking at the Bumpski. Not even comparable. But, again, it’s a process that lets the manufacturer and seller get away with dishonesty by saying “Anodized Aluminum!” Not all anodization processes are the same. Not even close.

Some just say it’s black with no details at all, not even deceptive details. If you’re going to piss in your customers you can at least tell them it’s rain…

I’m not going to bother talking abohut all the glorified spray paint options out there… They have a place, but that place is not here.

Basically, all the more convenient options are not very good and mislead the buyer, often deliberately.

This is why I continue to put up wih Parkerizing; you know what you’re getting and it’s the best. Even when Parkerizing goes wrong, it’s still functional, even if not pretty…

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