I’m rich.

Don’t need to worry about being fired since I retired at 38.

Ran a business specializing in defiance of evil government for several years.

No debt.

But, I’m a white male. Even you self-appointed TradThot queens ignore every word I say.

Seriously, reply to me, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast. I dare you. You can’t be asked to knowledge a worthless white man like me… I don’t exist. “Notice me, Liberty Senpai!” Lols! All talk. You don’t actually give a shit.

I had a YouTube channel. Never really bothered with it since nobody cared.

I was tootin’ this horn, telling you what was coming, since I was 10 years old and went as Patrick Henry for Halloween.

You called me names. Said I was a tinfoil hat loser. Ammosexual. Out of touch. Old fashioned.

Here we are. I was right about everything. And even in order, and on schedule. I don’t know anyone who nailed it as well as I nailed it. Not even your favorite talking heads predicted it as well as I did.

…and I’ve got way too many blades in my spine from so-called fellow countrymen, so-called fellow conservatives, so-called fellow gun owners, so-called fellow republicans, and every woman I’ve ever known, including my own mother and my ex-wife. All of which suddenly care and are pretending to fight the very thing they told me I was crazy for telling them about… Oh, it’s real now that your dumb ass finally noticed it?

The Left didn’t do anything to me. The Right betray and collaborate. They’re backstabbing, lying, moral cowards.

I spent my life fighting this. Betrayed by every “friend” I had.

Fuck ya’ll. You made your bed. Sleep in it.

Karma’s a bitch.

Now, I am the opposite of Captain Ahab. Driven by the same irrational passion, within my chest I carry the seed of The Founders’ Ideals. If ever in my wanderings of the world I find fertile soil, I will cut out my heart and plant it there.

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