cops are sadistic, perverted pansies

They’re the ones who couldn’t quite get up the nerve to kidnap and rape kids, and realized the state would pay them for their slightly lesser evil as long as they constrain their urges a bit.

“Training” is nothing more than molding that raw sickness into state-sponsored sociopathy.

The problem isn’t that cops are crap. The crap is pre-existing. The problem is that this crap is carefully picked out by much larger turds in our evil government.

These so-called “people” should be heavily medicated, chemically castrated, lobotomized and/or locked in a padded room. Instead, our evil government gives them a badge, gun, uniform, and a license to kill. Then set them loose on us…

They’re mindless, soulless savages who care for nothing but indulging their sadism. The seditious judges in turn use the cases they bring to chip away at the Constitution and slowly overthrow The Republic. The cops don’t know or care about the part they play in destroying this once great nation. All they cops know is that they can get away with anything and the anti-American judges will let them off the hook, or even reward them with a paid vacation.

They’re just, dumb, dirty animals that get their jollies abusing people. The judges are the real traitors.

The worst part is that cops have ramped this up to fever pitch.

We’re at the point that killing them for their crimes is our only option, and they still don’t get the message.

Instead, just like commie feminists, they double down, lie about everything, blame everyone but themselves, and then pretend to be oppressed heros!

We’re already at the point of killing them because “the system” has betrayed us and denies any civilized petition for redress as a matter of Standard Operating Proceedure.

Where do we go from there? Kill even more of them? What other option do we have?

Seditious traitor judges are at the root of this. The cops are too dumb to understand the plan. They’re just pawns in the game… This is where the judges have put us. But, since overthrowimg The Republic by slowly deleting the Constitution is the plan in the first place… Using sadistic pervert cops as the tool that brings the cases which enable that process… They’re not going to stop.

Are cops capable of understanding how they’re being used? Given the sickness in their heads, would they give a damn even if they could understand it?

Cops need to give up their sadistic proclivities and realize the judges who let them off the hook are actually setting them up as cannon fodder while committing naked sedition against The Republic.

Just because an evil judge will let cops get away with dirty business, does no mean cops should then do that dirty business.

Don’t let the judges egg you on by promising that you’ll get away with anything short of raping babies. We the People won’t let you get away with it. Cops are being killed, and for very damn good reason. You absolutely fucking deserve it.

Back off. Stop doing the bidding of these evil America-hating judges. Since civilized, peaceful redress has become a lost cause; violent, uncivilized redress is guaranteed.

I know it’s hard for you to understand. I know you’re brainwashed with fake duty and fake patriotism. I know you’re a sadistic pervert whose innate sickness pushes you even without all the other incentives and stimulii being provided. But, you need to back off. This will only get worse if you don’t figure out what’s going on. You’re being used to destroy The Republic. These judges don’t care if you get killed as long as the plan to destroy America goes forward. Your idiotic response of doubling-down and pretending to be heroes only plays into their hand. I’m sure you really do believe you’re heroes. You’re not. You’re idiots being used to destroy the country. Read a book (if you are able to read) you dumb fuckers. This same game has been played throughout history. Don’t repeat it.

Warrants don’t mean anything anymore, consider the source. Judges are not only untrustworthy, they are dedicated enemies of The Republic.

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