Did you really bother to think about it?

Who can blame black fathers for abandoning the horror that is the black wife/mother? Nevermind that black women (and white women are a close second) refuse to procreate with anything but the biggest losers they can find?

She’s going to cheat on you, blow your money on drugs and booze, then tell the cops you beat her and your kids. The drugs and empty bottles are all you, too. Nevermind you had no time for that working 80 hours a week trying to please the whore…

You’re going to jail even if you do everything right like a real man should.

A man’s virtues have been weaponized against him. Abandoning them is merely survival. Most find out what’s going on only after the kids are made.

MGTOW is the only answer; for the children. It is a man’s new sacred duty to make sure that his would-be offspring never exist, because there is no other way to be a good father to them. You will be driven out of your childrens’ lives and thrown on prison no matter what you do. The only way to protect them is to make sure they never exist.

There are no “good women” anymore. Just blind chumps who don’t realize what’s going on behind their backs… And the kids pay the price.

…the cops and judges who enable it, fucking love it.

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