US cops should take notes

This is how it’s done!

“Is there anything I can reasonably say or do…”

Most importantly: the officers assured they were acting withing their legitimate authority instead of making up lies as an excuse to attack someone who hurt their feelings.

Never let a hormonal, developmentally stunted, sadistic freak (snowflake/sjw) wear a badge and uniform. Sadly, that’s pretty much exactly what is sought out most of the time.

Government wants mental defectives as their footsoldiers, and goes out if it’s way to find raw sadists/perverts and condition them into more precise sociopaths.

Officers faced a deadly threat. Officers *didn’t* escalate to the same.

The tazer failed miserably.

They still proceeded.

He almost got stabbed several times.

They deliberately put themselves in harm’s way. They put the the person they were subduing (a citizen) above themselves. They took a risk.

They remained public servants.

Yes. It’s a dangerous job. This is how it’s done.

If you can’t do it like this, you have zero business being in Law Enforcement.

It doesn’t matter if you disagree. It doesn’t matter if your boss disagrees. It doesn’t matter if a judge lets you get away with it. It doesn’t matter where you reach for false justification. The laws of nature do not forgive or forget.

If you disagree, there will be blood. Cops will die. Citizens will die. It will be a war. You do not, ever, get to defy the laws of nature without consequence.

It doesn’t matter how hormonal, arrogant or self-righteous you are. You’ll only make it worse when the damn finally breaks…

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