Herp derp goes the center of the bell curve…

Creators: Convert YouTube into a notification service by uploading only sample/teaser/trailer videos there. Deprive them of content. Push people to Bitchute for the real content. Sample/teaser/trailer videos give them a lot less reason to censor and demonetize, and if they do it anyway, only makes their “punish people for off-platform defiance of leftism” games that much more obvious. You won’t lose anything that YouTube hasn’t inflicted upon you already… You’re already being forced to self-censor, you may as well take it to the next level and fully censor the content you make that is of actual value, and don’t let YouTube have it anymore!

Viewers: Unsubscribe from creators on YouTube so you only see them on Bitchute. Drop YouTube’s traffic. Don’t give them your clicks. Force yourself to make the change. Yes, Bitchute’s platform is inconvenient on mobile and can’t cast to your TV. A big pain. Force yourself to make the move by Unsubscribing from your favorite creators on YouTube. No pain, no gain!

Push yourself. Build a machine using a Rock64 that automatically downloads videos using youtube-dl (it works on dozens of websites, not just YouTube), so you can watch them while also making a backup in case the channel/video gets censored. Yes, you can use it to download from YouTube without giving them any ad revenue, for added benefit!

Creators and Viewers lose NOTHING that YouTube hasn’t already taken away, while gaining freedom and taking the high ground.

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