an ivory tower dweller almost gets it right…

“If they can do it to a president, imagine what they can do to you and me.”

I’m glad someone said this, but he got it backwards.

The Left has been practicing on “you and me” for a century, at least. Slowly creeping, infiltrating, chipping away. Most via the now open and naked sedition of the judiciary and it’s so-called “law enforcement” foot soldiers.

Law which has no statute because it is manufactured from the bench, and more recently executive decree; upheld by the judiciary.

Us nobodies have been the cannon fodder the left has been practicing on for over 100 years, building up to this, while those who said they would defend us stabbed us in the back with cowardly collaboration.

…and I still haven’t met a soul intelligent enough to realize it. A populace so intellectually depraved and stupid you could mistake it for a petting zoo joint venture between Jerry Springer and Charles Manson.

Populism in that environment is national suicide.

Imagine what “they” can do to you and me? I don’t have to imagine. I’ve been living it for several decades. So glad you almost noticed…

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