see, they’re not all bad…

Role reversal.

These cops are typical sociopathic perverts, as most cops are conditioned (trained) to be. Their predatory sociopathy is reinforced by the weak who let them get away with the violations daily…

But, every once in a while, the evil pigs run across somebody they shouldn’t have fucked with…

Not this guy, but a similar breed.

What these dumb pigs don’t understand is they were lucky that this time, he used words and a camera instead of the bullets in the head that these incurable communist thugs deserve.

If cops refuse to learn their place and get in it, the shift away from words and cameras, to bullets, will only accelerate.

They’re too dumb to realize they’re being used as pawns and cannon fodder by seditious judges. They’re soulless savages who don’t think that far. All they care about is that they know a judge will let them get away with violating people. That this precedent is then set and chips away another piece of the Constitution means nothing to them. They don’t care because they can’t care. Their brains are too grossly underdeveloped to have that thought, or care about it. They just want to get their jollies violating people. Period. That’s as far as their sick minds go.

There is no point explaining it to them. It’s like explaining math to a cat. They lack the mental capacity to grasp the concept.

The simpler idea they need to learn is that just because a seditious judge might let them get away with a thing, does not necessarily follow that they should do that thing.

There will be consequences. The harder the pigs push, the more severe those consequences become. The dam built in opposition to natural law always breaks. This one is already cracking.

The problem is not that cops are sick. The sickness is pre-existing.

The problem is that this sickness is expressly sought out by much worse people… The so-called “people” who do the hiring and “training.”

Step 1: The hiring of raw sadistic tendencies that aren’t so severe that they can’t be managed and molded, or of a nature that won’t be tolerated by the public eye.

Essentially, the government hires people to be cops who are still trying to pick out the kids they want to rape to death, but haven’t quite got up the nerve to actually do it. Yet.

Step 2: Followed by “training;” which is nothing more than carefully crafted programs designed to mold that raw sadism into state-sponsored sociopathy.

You can’t rape children, but as long as you can (res)train yourself from that, you’ve got carte blanche to do anything else.

Most cops should be heavily sedated, chemically castrated, locked away in a padded room, and possibly lobotomized. …provided it can be paid for by their family members with their own private funds…

Failing that, cops are the worst genetic failures of the human race, and should simply be disposed of for the betterment of humanity, and the safety of intelligent, civilized people. They simply can’t function or participate in a civilized, developed society by any method other than preying upon and harming the individuals which comprise it.

There may have been hope for them prior to being conditioned by the state. But, after the state gets into their heads, there’s no fixing them.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

That statement is merely a commentary on institutional sociopathy.

The more powerful and corrupt police (and government in general) become, the more desperate the need to dispose of them.

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