trimming it down

Sovereign Immunity cannot exist in the United States. If it does, then there is no United States.

Constructive Possession is a self-explanatory lie. The name itself demonstrates that the concept of possession has been fabricated and is not actually a fact…

If a government entity/employee commits a crime, being held to a supposedly higher standard as a public servant, why are they punished lighter, not at all, or most commonly, rewarded for their misdeeds? If you’re being held to a higher standard, then you would have to suffer a harsher penalty for the same crime as us mere mortals… But, the opposite of that is what happens.

If the judges keep letting them off, and prosecutors don’t bring charges against their own (to further their judicial slow-burn sedition) for breaking the law, but still applying it to us; there is no law.

The whole point of the Bill of Rights is to place The People above The State. There is no such thing as a (compelling) state interest that is above the Bill of Rights (and definitely not some pansy “Officer Safety” bullshit). Period. Deny this, there is no Bill of Rights.

Failing this order of things, there is no law, there is no United States.

If they don’t have to obey the law, and suffer no consequence for violating it, why should anyone else?

A nation of laws? Bullshit!

This is why cops get shot, and they absolutely deserve it.

This is why the markedly unintelligent with a certain brand of sadistic perversion are chosen and molded as cops. It’s not training, it’s controlled sociopathy. They don’t bother to think through the consequences of doing whatever an America-hating seditious judge will let them get away with. All they care about is their sadistic appetites, and knowing they’ll get away with it no matter what. They have no clue that the judges are using it to dismantle everything that made this country great.

Do fish question water? Of course not. It’s not that they don’t care. They’re just such dumb animals that they can’t grasp the concept to care about it… They can’t care, they don’t know how. They’re mental defectives. Developmentally stunted.

Let me put on my tinfoil hat for a second…

You ever notice the turning point in evil police, and the dismantling of insane asylums, occurred at just about the same time? It’s hard to hire these freaks and give them a badge, gun, and license to kill; if they’re sedated in a padded room where they belong….

These so-called “people” should be chemically castrated, lobotomized, heavily sedated, and kept away from the general population. Instead, our government grants them soveriegn immunity, a wink wink, nudge nudge, and declares them heroes every time they indulge in their sicknesses.

Continue to set them loose on the public, the public are gonna get pissed and start killing them. Perfect excuse to push the gun ban propaganda, eh?

Conservative gun-owners are morons for worshipping cops. Who do they think will perform the confiscation raids?

I can’t vote Republitard anymore. Backstabbing, dumb as shit, moral cowards. Fuck the NRA, too.

Those who make peaceful redress impossible, make violent redress inevitable.

Build those memorials taller, boys. You’re gonna need room for more names… I have no pity for the traitors in blue, or their mourning families. This is what you get for betraying The People you swore an oath to serve and protect. Reap it.

Cops aren’t heroes. They’re (mostly unwitting) collaborators in the judiciary’s plot of slow-burn sedition.

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