I’ve been laughed at for decades because I said Huxley and Orwell were wrong because they each described only one half of a whole.

The Huxlian begets the Orwellian. One demands the other. The Yin and Yang of social degeneration.

Here we are. I was right about everything, and I’m considered a threat and a criminal because of it.

“Fringe lunatics” are merely the smart people among you that realize you refuse to make a u-turn on the road to the ultimate stupidity. Why wait? You insist on going to hell in a handbasket and taking everyone with you. Why not hurry it up already? All these “fringe lunatics” are doing is displaying a microcosmic view of your own macrocosmic inevitability. You’re looking in the mirror, but are too arrogant and narcissistic to acknowledge it…. Maybe some of them just want to see the world burn, but that’s a comment used to conceal the truth inside a petty virtue signal in most cases.

The “fringe lunatics” are the few smart enough to know that in order to be reborn from the ashes, the Phoenix must first burn. They are the re-builders sick of procrastinating when we’ve already gone past the point of no return. The longer you postpone the inevitable, the worse it will be. Get it over with already you shitheads… You’re only making it worse.

Use some fake, slanderous “criminal profiling” to kill the messenger. I can’t “instigate” what you have set in motion, and push harder for every day. The extremes of obvious fraud you’re willing to go to in order to deny responsibility…

Don’t you dare forget it, Fedcoats/Fedpigs; this is what you worked to cause.

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