the whole mess

I’m used to being surrounded by people who can’t understand basic abstract concepts…

SJWs are developmentally stunted. May as well try to teach math to a cat. Or the passage of time to an Issan girl. Or the concept of precision to a Zulu.

You can never win any argument with someone regarding a concept that their mind is incapable of acknowledging, much less processing…

I don’t bother arguing to prove a point which my opponent has already proven they cannot comprehend. I do it to drag them out into the open.

Evolutionarily, western societies have developed to the point of being insular. Most of the motivations for mental development have been taken away. Those who grew through their formative years with a smarthphone in their hands are the most drastically effected, and have the mental functions of a caveman, at best.

It’s why millennials are so stupid and have a penchant for entitlement and socialism; it’s all they’ve ever known. Their brains lack a place for any concept beyond that limited scope to be plugged in.

Once past puberty, it’s locked in. That’s what puberty does. It’s the reason for the phrase “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” It’s the reason that the Bible is so strong on impressing proper behavior to children. The sacredness of Parenthood. The reason why I’m MGTOW by proxy of standards.

SJWs are as they are, because they’re stuck that way. They’re developmentally stunted and it’s locked in. They simply can’t do it. The same way a cat can’t do math. It’s like asking a normal person to slam a revolving door. It’s an impossible oxymoron for these stunted savages to form cogent thoughts around these concepts. These concepts don’t exist for them.

Worse, estrogen pre-disposes women of any origin or culture to the same.

But, it’s bi-directional. It’s not merely the argument of Nature vs Nurture. Much the same as Huxley and Orwell were wrong, because they each only told half the story. The Huxlian begets the Orwellian. Yin and Yang. Lingual defficiency derives from mental defficiency, and then is preserved lingually and culturally, where it is then learned.

But, mental incapacity, or capacity, can, to a degree, be impacted by the language. The cycle can be broken, the pre-disposition can be resisted.

Thailand is a perfect example. It can be measured by the distance between Bangkok and Issan.

As the exceptionally distinguished gentleman in the above video has proven exhaustively, Blacks have a genetic pre-disposition to (severely) diminished mental capacity. It’s not a certainty, because not being raised in a “keep it real” home often results in being every bit as intelligent and functional as White people.

Whites have a genetic pre-disposition to higher mental development, but, if raised through their formative years and puberty in a trailer trash household, end up just as worthless as niggers.

There’s a reason we have a word for black people like that, but don’t have a word for white people like that. While both specimens can end up that way, or not. When left to their own with no formative guidance, whites tend to develop higher mental functions on their own. Blacks don’t.

Whites. Blacks. The extrenes of the spectrum.

Enter; Browns.

The Issan demographic/diaspora has a similar nigger-like tendency, but somewhat less pronounced. When removed from the cultural and lingual traps in which they are usually caught, (which heavily influence them to the underdeveloped end of the spectrum) they adopt higher mental concepts with ease. They’re closer to neutral, not necessarrilly disposed to either tendancy. Thus, Nurture has a much greater impact than Nature.

Further, those with a pre-disposition for mental underdevelopment, have an equally polar-opposed pre-disposition for savagery. Violence. Bloodlust. The more intelligent Whites can invoke it, but the less intelligent can’t cope with it. It comes easy to Blacks. If you’re White, you’re already seeing the pieces fall into place with Asian cultures. It all makes sense now…

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