proof of unfitness

No, sweetie, you don’t understand. We know full-well that this is off-putting. We’re not stupid. Our abrasive commentary only effects so-called “women” who refuse to think logically, ever. And, we know it.

It’s a screening mechanism. We do the picking and the choosing now. This is how we get problem women to go away on their own, without wasting our valuable time on an active screening process. Our time, as winners, is the ultimate value. Passive income, passive screening. They both save our most valuable asset, time, from being squandered by the unfit.

Like I told the judge when my ex-wife accused me of making death-threats; no, I want her to live a long time…

I want her it figure it all out well after she hits the wall, and it’s waayyy past too late, if at all. Preferrably, I want her to go to the grave wondering why her life sucks, no clue that it’s all her own doing, thinking that she’s right about everything. For what she did to my son, no punishment is too great.

This is why the passive-aggressive insult of “Why can’t I find a good man?” is music to my ears… Yet another half-gallon of rotten milk, wailing as it turns more sour by the day…

But, vindictiveness aside. I shouldn’t have to figure this out for her. It’s an indication that she’s developmentally stunted at around the 8 years old mark. I’m not into pedophilia. A person so grossly underdeveloped, mentally and emotionally, can’t be a good wife, mother, or pretty much anything…

Yes, it’s exactly the “ammunition” a feminazi needs to remain a feminazi… You are still so centered on believing that men are all desperate for you(r crotch) that you can’t figure out that THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!

Stop being morbidly narcissistic and pay attention. This is a feature, not a bug. We’re doing it intentionally. It’s not an accident. We’re not getting it wrong. We don’t need your help figuring it out. You’re the one who isn’t figuring it out.

The further issue you’re not considering is that feminists are viciously predatory. They want to get into a man’s life, pretend to be the traditional woman; then rip everything apart from the inside, children be damned. Raaaawr! They call it divorce rape and false accusations, and the setup is planned long before they meet the man and have the children they plan to do like that.

We men have to be the gatekeepers now. For the sake of our would-be children. We need a woman who has sorted it out for herself, not a stunted child that still needs taught. There just stent many of them, as you’ve demonstrated

That’s harsh reality, and if you can’t cope and see through that fog, then how do we know you won’t go right back to your old ways once you’re in a position if state-granted power?

You keep pretending that doesn’t exist…

The loaded gun of the state is pointed at not just our heads, but that of our would-be offspring. Prove you’re fit for the sacred task of family, or go away. If you cant handle a few brash words without reverting to conflated, delusional logic as an excuse for your betrayal; “see, this just confirms it” is all it takes to throw you off; you’re not even remotely close to good enough to push back against the insidious social pressures and stigma you’re going to deal with for the next 40+ years, if, indeed, you make it that far…

If such a small, obvious thing is too tough for you, only a fool would trust you.

Weak, arrogant, entitled and stupid simply isn’t an option.

Welcome to the Male Shit Test. If you can’t handle this, you sure as hell can’t handle reality. A reality you bitches created. Hoisted by your own petard…

I don’t want to “red pill” you. Gently. Harshly. Any way. If you haven’t figured it out by the time you’re 12, you never will.

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