If Donald Trump is the answer…

Hobson’s Choice

It’s my policy throughout life to ignore the choices offered, because I could see it was a false choice, exactly as described. forcing me to pick something that suits them, not me. Fuck you! I’m the more important party, how dare I say so! I never ask what my options are. I simply define my interests. If the counter-party doesn’t have something that satisfies those interests, good day! The “Take it or leave it” false choice is usually a bluff.

It inspired my ingenuity. Don’t sell the car I want? I’ll make my own damn car.

I am more important to me. You are more important to you. Negotiate. Find the aspect I’m willing to compromise for the aspect they’re willing to compromise. Offer to budge on what matters least to me. Don’t budge? Take it or leave it? I choose leave it every time. The strongest position is walking away. If that doesn’t get what you want, then getting rotlyally screwed is the only thing on the table, and getting royally screwed isn’t for me. Blacklist that person/entity permanently. There’s no good to come from someone who won’t budge at all. No one is so unassailable. It’s arrogance. Never associate in any way with someone like that.

That includes government. Be willing to kill, because that is government’s first and only move. I’d have been dead a long time ago if I weren’t willing to kill government. They’re ramping up, so I might have to do it, and likely die in the process, but it ain’t a bluff. So got 10 more years than I otherwise would have had. Maybe it won’t be 15…

Life capitulating to evil is no life at all, and I won’t do it. Period. Find a way to accommodate that, or get ready for the killin’. That’s MY offer. Take it or leave it.

I’ve recently had a Revelation, about Revelations… The mark of the beast is not literal as so many have interpreted. You will accept the will of evil in thought (forehead) and/or deed (hand), or be forbidden access to commerce. Meaning that maybe you won’t agree, but you’ll damn well be used for the party. Another way, even if you don’t accept the mark in your mind, you’ll agree to do the bidding so you can get by. You’ll go along to get along to save yourself.

Sounds like whats happening right now with censorship by Twitter, Patreon, banks shutting down merchant accounts of those who dare be heretics against The Party. Add in the government money controlls… Makes perfect sense. It’s the Marxist “seize the means of production” by attrition; only those who agree with the agenda will continue to operate. No need to use force to take over the industrial apparatus. Simply assure that none can operate unless they agree to support The Party. If the only means of production left functioing is that which chooses the party… Seized.

The US isn’t discussing whether or not to engage in socialism. The US has been using a socialist vote plantation for decades. It’s not merely Hobson’s Choice, but also conflation. You’re given two choices, but you’re being lied to about what those choices are. You’re not chosing between Capitalism and Socialism. You’re choosing between the Socialism you’ve already got, and the next step of full-blown Communism.

If Donald J. Trump is the answer, what the actual fuck was the question!?

Nay, it’s not Trump that’s the problem. Or Pelosi. Or Schumer, or any of the rest of the swamp rats. They’re merely a reflection of the brainless savages that elected them.

For rejecting higher intellect and choosing to stopped so low, We the People are getting their comeuppance. This is what you get for being shitbags.

Followed by the surprised gasps of “How could this happen?!” After setting up every detail to perfectly assure that “this” would happen… Same old shit, different failed society…

History is a broken record.

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