I Fucking Quit!

I’ve lost all desire. I got into business because I thought it would make a difference, and it absolutely doesn’t. Worse, I can’t beat the constant sabotage. All I do is fight sabotage while my competitors get a free ride on tech that actually works and services that cost them nothing.

Logistics has been the biggest hurdle, followed closely by finish processes that just plain don’t work. I guess this is why none of my competitors even have finish processes…

All I do is count beans and pray that I don’t lose so much money that I can’t pay the bills. It’s hopeless. I’m losing so much money to utter nonsense and loss of customer loyalty it’s ridiculous. I don’t blame them for going elsewhere. I would, too.

I can’t buy the search engine placement that everyone else gets for free. I can’t get stuff put in a box and mailed. I can’t stop Parkerizing from failing to obey the laws of physics.

Some people just have it all handed to them. I’m not one of those people. I will never make this work because there are too many forces working against me that no one else has to fight. I have to work 60 hours a week while everyone else spends at maximum of 5 minutes a day, if even that much. It’s way too many double-standards for one man to overcome.

I hate that all I do is put out fires that no one else has to deal with, and count beans. This isn’t supposed to be about the money. One man couldn’t keep up with even 10% of the endless BS I’m dealing with…

Some people just have it all handed to them. I’m not one of those people. Nothing is going to change it. Been fighting too long. I just can’t do it anymore.

If someone wants to buy out my inventory, I’m open to offers. This is hopeless. Maybe someone who isn’t constantly being targeted for sabotage can make a go of it…

I have a lot of great ideas I haven’t even gotten to yet… My final plan for the solvent traps. 0% DIY guns… Other accessories I haven’t even mentioned. It’s fucking hopeless. I’ll never get there. Even if I did, nobody would appreciate it. Americans have given up on being American. They’re not even people. I’m the only one with my eyes open. Nothing I do makes a difference in a world of such stupid, lazy, entitled shitbags.

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  1. Please don’t quit, If you do we all lose. If it were at all possible I would come and help you myself. I am not able to purchase alot due to finances but I am going to purchase more by mail as I have done before. You make excellent products and your innovation and attention to detail is impressive, very practical products all firearms owners need. I have read and saved every thing that you have written and I can fully relate to your frustration to the bs run amuck. I have found a kindred spirit in you as a true american, so I implore you to not quit.

    P. S. I truly appreciate all that you do……………….tie a knot and hang the fuck on
    “Illegitimi non carborundum” pseudo latin joke……….don’t let the bastards grind you down

  2. I personally found your blog and adapter site useful and educational. I use bypass filters on my cars to clean the oil so that I can get extended use out of my engine oil. It never even dawned on me to do the same with my solvents. Thanks to you I do just that now. I am looking forward to not having to buy solvents again for a very long time. Which is much better for the environment. Thank you. My wife thanks you as well. I do not have to worry about getting solvents everywhere as well now. All trapped up now. :) That new end cap for the 4003 looks sweet as hell. I might have to switch over to using one of those for my cleanings now. I will be able to truly clean my gun without any mess!
    I was also educated on Bit coin. as well. I never really knew what it was about. I have not used it yet, but it looking that I will in the future. I purchase things from all over the world and it is nice to have a service that allows instant exchange rates that are seamless to the customer. Bit coin does that. If a vendor accepts bitcoin then they by design accept all forms of currency now. Fabulous.

    I have been researching the other things you have talked about such as Tor and what not. Interest stuff. It is still a little complicated for me at the present time, but I am learning and researching it… slowly.

    I am just looking into making my own Gun powder and casting my own bullets for practice rounds. I think it would be a fun project to do once I get my new property so I can set me a decent range. I was always a little hesitant about making my own powder because of fire risk. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on that subject more.

    Personal note: I honestly think you might need to relax a little and careless about the complainers. There will always be complainers. Poopoo heads are never satisfied. They always order white when they want eggshell. Then complain that it is your fault that they ordered the wrong thing… as if you can control their clicks and thoughts. Forget them. Move on. They will always be there in retail and are just complaining to complain. They just need attention. As far as shipping errors. It might be time to back up and take things a little slower. The use the KISS method. Always remember. Finish one thing then on to the next. Period. You can only do one thing at a time. Same for your workers. They can not pull orders, check the order, and then ship the order. I know you were trying to have a live inventory system for the website and it had problems. Well have you tried just setting the order system to only take a limited number of orders a day or per item? Then the system will not need constant updating. It just only takes say for example 25 orders. Then it says max daily orders received. I know a website that also CNC’s items and this is how their online ordering system worked. He knew what his daily production was and kept the orders below that. You could also do that by the item if you needed to. … These are just some thoughts. Remember that you want things to be simple and work. Frustration is your biggest enemy in life. Most Frustration is self induced. So that means you are your worst enemy. Conquer through using self management skills and using stress reducing paths.
    As a person that suffered a long time with depression and the problems that occur from them I can say this. I cured my chronic depression and learned to keep it from happening. Depression is a symptom of something in your life. Doctors and drugs treat symptoms. They do not fix the problem causing the symptom. It is your job to fix the problems. Might be time to look inwards and truly ask yourself why am I really not happy. It is a slow process and I can tell you that I was able to make it happen and I still work at it. My body is a clean and free running machine as well. Drink more water. Cheers and thank you again. Regards,

    1. I appreciate the encouragement… I used to be depressed, suicidally so for almsot all of my adult life. I’m not any more. I did find the issue; trying to fit in to a society that I knew required me to be a degenerate to fit in. So, I quit trying to fit in. Feel much better. But, knowing that what I do makes no difference because it falls on deaf ears really drags me down. Now, it’s an external influence. My Fellow Americans are a huge disappointement. I foolishly sow my seeds in the desert, because there is no fertile soil.

      Sulfurless black powder with a ball-milled grain size (dust or powder, really) actually burns much faster than store-bought black powder that contains sulfur. Going sulfurless almost eliminates the fouling of boiling sulfur. It’s just a bit dirty and slow compared to modern multi-base powders. If you use the wet method, you can’t set it on fire with a welding torch while it’s stil wet. I don’t like this method becasue once wet, you really never get anything dried back out again in Floriduh. I’m about to start some hands-on stuff regarding it now that I’ve played with it enough behind the scenes. It’s all about grain size, really. Which is why ball milling is worth it. Grind it down to nearly molecuel sized dust and it’s amazing stuff. Pesky to measure and pour tho… I’m working on barely moist compaction and active dehydration, but that may be more than most people want to do. Basically, ram it into the cartridge slightly damp, then stand several hundred on end in an enclosure with a dehumidifier designed for a much larger space. Reaches speed and pressures you actually have to be careful with. Working on consistency.

      For bullets, I actually want to get away from casting, and move towards fiber sabots. You can have a projectile made of pretty much anything if it doesn’t touch the bore… Ice, glass, wood… I imagine there would be plenty of paper/plant fiber and broken glass in a TEOTWAWKI situation…

      Shiping has been the main issue… Logistics companies just plain refuse to pay attention. They stuff and ship whatever in a box without even looking. Individuals try to memorize the numbers instead of learn the system. Always looking for shortcuts and end up making a mess instead. Every fix or process change just resluts in trying to find new shortcuts and a new mess…

      I’m backing up and looking at this from the perspective that I started with. I didn’t do this with the intent of starting a business or even making money. It just kinda happened that way. I wanted to leverage the free market to kill the gougers that were price-fixing clunky adapters. I actually have a “final plan” for it, but I’m not sure I’m going to get there. So many ridiculous threads on gun barrels are an excuse to charge way too much money for anything that attaches to them. I’d like to put a stop that game since no one else will. The gun business is remarkably lazy and manipulative. They seem to spend their time dreaming up new ways to get you to waste your money on “innovations” such as “Holy crap, the 1911 now comes in a slightly darker shade of olive drab! You need to spend $1200 on that right now, such amazing innovation!” I’ll take a Rock Island over a Kimber any day. For the price, I’ll take 3 of them over the Kimber. Most of my customers’ complaints are perfectly valid. This isn’t what I should be doing with myself. I’d like to outsource the stuff I really shouldn’t be doing, but that’s where every problem I’ve had comes from. Screw it up and hand me a bill anyway…

      Darkcoin is the new big thing in crypto… It anonymizes where BitCoin pretty much puts you on display. BitCoin is the opposite of anonymous. The notion that is was ever anonymous was started by guv and the boot-licking media to trick foolish people into exposing themselves. Darkcoin is pretty much like cash now that RC4 has been released. Lots of wannabes and copycats not actually doing anything tho… Crypto is the wild west, no guv to hold your hand, so you better know what you’re doing.

  3. Camosoul, Your most of your reply needs to be front page. :)

    Keep trying new fulfillment companies until you find one that can do it right. There should be a warranty on their service on improperly filled items such as they pay for return shipping and the shipping of the proper product. Be sure to tell them why your leaving their service… because they sent the customer the wrong item.
    Anyways, I look forward to your advice on BP and projectiles.

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