They wear uniforms and badges, too… Trash like Black Lies Matter and antifa didn’t organize themselves. They were created by the FBI, NSA, and CIA over decades. Careful social engineering.

The average beat cop is just a sadistic animal and doesn’t care or understand that The Republic is lost, as long as he gets to satisfy his perverted appetites. Seditious judges love the cases these freaks bring; they can’t wait to rubber-stamp another chunk of the Constitution into Oblivion.

Slow-burn judicial sedition is not an accident.

It’s a double-edged sword (misnomer). Every piece they get rid of also bars filing petition for redress. They’ll cite “precedent.” Which is nothing more than “We got away with this bullshit once, so that means you don’t get to question it ever again, subje-, er, citizen (snicker).”

When peacuful redress becomes impossible, violent redress becomes an inevitable duty.

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