What to learn from the Roger Stone attack

It’s perfectly OK for the Left to make death threats. Openly plot to kill people and steal their stuff. Form up violent mobs, organized on Social Media in plain view. Eat the rich, etc… Nothing will ever be done. Carte Blanche.

We no longer have a legitimate government.

“Anti-government rhetoric” is not a thing, because this is not government. We have Deep State usurpers who have overthrown the government and installed themselves as a replacement. Mueller is an unconsitutional 4th branch nullifying and replacing all others.

This is open, unabashed sedition by government impersonators. These people are no different from foreign invaders wearing captured uniforms.

We are currently in an open war to take back power from these Stasi 2.0 usurpers.


Use thermal imaging to spot them before they set up.

They like to focus inwards and assume there’s nothing behind them.

Make sure your defenses are outside their perimeter.

If they’re knocking on your door, it’s too late.

There is no justice in the Kangaroo Kourts. Who do you think signed off on the bogus warrants to begin with? The Judicial Branch has been committing slow-burn sedition for over a century. The so-called “justice system” is nothing but a song and dance for a pre-determined outcome. If talking to a faux-government thug, your execution has already been scheduled. If you “go quietly,” you’re just as dead as if you fight them on the spot. The only difference is if you “go quietly” you lose your chance to take any of the traitors with you.

The Cops, regardless of the brand, are complicit. They function as nothing more than the militant pawns used in the Judiciary’s coup. This is the point where the slow-burn sedition of chipping away at the Bill of Rights runs out of anything at which to chip away; it’s finally gone. They’ve done it. What we’re seeing now is subterfuge and Endgame. You no longer have standing to file a petition for redress, because you have no rights left to violate. All avenues for peaceful resolution have been cut off. Most cops are merely sadistic perverts looking to be called heroes for getting their sick jollies, too dumb to realize how they’re being used and manipulated.

Every time a cop does a dirty, he only care that the seditious judge is there to get him out of trouble for it. He doesn’t think or care about the far-reaching consequences that this Judge is looking to get out of the arrangement. The Judge doesn’t do it because he cares about the pawns… He does it because every case of dirty deeds give the Judge an opportunity to rubber stamp another piece of the constitution into oblivion. Mostly unwittingly, cops are the useful idiot tip of the spear that Judicial sedition has been using to slowly overthrow The Republic for over a century.

These traitors have only one goal; to kill you and steal your stuff. They are openly avowed communists. This is the exact same thing they’ve done repeatedly throughout history.

Bottom line… Use thermal imaging to stay ahead of their setup. Stay outside their perimeter. Shoot them in the back of their Stasi 2.0, America-hating, Communist usurper heads while they’re focused inwards. Pick off the least focused targets first. They’re on the periphery for a reason. Those taking point are focused on that job and will take a little time to re-calibrate and realize what’s happening.

One of their favorite psychological tactics is to meet off of your home turf “to talk.” They think like animals, and so they project this and believe that you also think like an animal. Meeting “off turf” is actually an advantage. Never agree to a location of their choosing. Just to get some info, ask them where they want to mee and see if they have a response. They shouldn’t care and should leave the choice up to you. If they do have a place and time already sorted iut, now you now what they’re planning… Meeting “off turf” is an advantage because it means you can set up your own defenses and perimeter. Make sure you have snipers. The person doing the meeting is just bait/trigger. They tend to be slow to coordinate. this is an advantage and a problem. It means you can almost always have your people in place first. But, once in place, your people easier targets… Use this to your advantage. Deliberately roll slow. They’ll be putting their own snipers in place, watch them do it. Take out the snipers first. “Off turf” also means you’ll be in transit. They’ll probably try to catch you while you’re moving. Do not be dumb enough to assume that the destination is actually the destination. Do not give up your positions all at once. Let one of your defenders start the action. They’ll try to re-group and refocus on him. When they do, the next engages, and so on. Set up so that your series of engagements put you in an advantage where they cannot advance without giving up cover to the next position. If they had a time and place already selected, it’s an ambush already in place; now you know what to do… Approach slow, and pick them off from 1000+yds.

If you’re agreeing to speak to the Fedcoats, realize that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Most importantly, don’t care about that, because you’re not going ever set foot in any Kangaroo Kourt of fake usurper law. If you “go quietly” you’re still dead. All you’ve done is give them a win without having to pay dearly to get it. Make the traitors bleed. This is war, they declared it, you don’t get to pretend its not if you want the Republic to survive. The war is already upon you. You don’t get to choose. You only get to do, or fail to do, your part to affect the outcome. Just like a concealed carrier getting robbed… You don’t get to decide, the bad guys already did that… All you get to do is fight back and maybe die, or do nothing and certainly die… But, it won’t be just you. It’ll be The Republic that you let die.

Realize the truth of the matter and never allow their word games to take your eyes off the prize; these people are not government. You are not anti-government. You are not trying to tear down the rule of law, you are trying to restore it, and they desperately do not want that to happen. This is not “anti-government rhetoric.” It is anti-communist, anti-deep state, anti-usurper rhetoric. This is not violence. This is not inciting violence; they’ve already done that themselves, and that’s why they need you silenced for calling it out. This is counter-violence against anti-American usurpers. It is your duty to restore the Republic and legitimate Constitutional rule, and these people are the ones who ended it. They will not give up the places of power into which they have installed themselves as replacements without fighting to the bloody end. Don’t let them control the rhetoric, twist words and manipulate the language. These people have no legitimate claim to anything. All they want to do is kill you and steal your stuff. That’s it. This is the macro version of self-defense.

You can’t argue your way out of this. Explaining that it’s immoral is a waste of time. Telling them that communism always fails in genocide isn’t going to make a difference to them, they already know it’s true. That’s the very reason why they’re doing it! They want to kill you and steal your stuff! This is why they laugh at you for describing it. They already know! You’re not changing their minds. Like a pack of hyenas, you’re not going to talk your way out of it. Civility is dead. They laugh at you because you still don’t get it. It doesn’t matter how many times you prove your point. It doesn’t matter if you present facts. Logic and reason don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re triumphantly and profoundly correct with every word that comes out of your mouth. They’re just going to kill you and steal your stuff.

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