I’ve never had to peel back the layers on why I have so many guns. Obviously in the basic utility of it, who needs more than 1?

This isn’t about being prevented from taking my stamp collection with me. It’s more fundamental than that.

Since the turds of the US will never grow a pair to put up a fight, the idea of owning guns seems moot. But, I found myself no less tied to them…

What they stand for never goes away, but if I shift that to the background, it’s the engineering and art of the machine. The intent in design.

I own a lot of the same gun, but most of these are guns I made myself. A progression of “wow, I suck at this” up to “I did a better job than the original designer/manufacturer.” My 1911 is an example. It’s an 80%, but I read on a forum that “Nobody can make a decent 1911 out of a Sarco parts kit.” Challenge Accepted. Best 1911 ever on my first try. That’s when I knew “This is what I am.”

I own a lot of partial guns. Never fully completed. Never intended to build, but wanted to study aspects of a particular design. Most of these never were a gun, by law, just a bunch of metal parts… A few are damaged or destroyed guns. Failure mode analysis, couldn’t get it any other way so I bought it and took it apart, etc…

I own a few examples of just plain “Who the hell ever thought this was a good idea?” Learning good design by studying bad design.

I think my favorites are expedient weapons, made by the ignorant out of desperation/resistance. Often bearing a similar appearance to existing designs, but being made of poor materials, lacking understanding of metallurgy, physics, mechanical inter-workings, spatial acuity, etc… These are my favorites because they’re the ultimate tragic reminder that when it’s too late, people finally realize they needed a gun the whole time. Guns are not something you can do in a moment, and those who wish to repeat history’s most ugly chapters know it. Made by people who have no idea what they’re doing, at the last minute, in the hopes of saving themselves and their families from the government that has decided to commit mass democide, again… They toil in secret. In ignorance. Can’t ask anyone for help. Trying, and failing, to save themelves, their children sleeping in the other room, their wives deliberating over turning them in to Big Brother as they do it… Why do you think government caters to women with the welfare state. Prey on the nesting instinct, emasculate the husband, insult him for his virtue, replace the head of family with Big Brother, destroy the family unit, get the woman to betray everything, she is the weakest link, and often proud to be a whore of the state… While he’s losing his mind and working feverishly to be the best husband and father he can be, she’s plotting his betrayal… But, I digress… Often these guns don’t work, never worked, or failed their makers/owners in the very moment and purpose for which they were created… Worse, did more harm to it’s maker/owner when it blew up in his hand. Exploded in testing/practicing before facing the real threat, becoming the threat itself. Censor the object, censor the understanding, censor the facts, censor the truth, censor every word that opposes The Agenda…

This abhorrent vacuum of knowledge and understanding in the social and political macrocosmic is where every Great Leap Forward is born, leads to enforcement of the same in the microcosmic, followed by mass democide. Every time. Then, when it’s too late, the poor fools try to save themselves when they realize they’ve pulled the roof down on their own heads… Social Justice Terrorists of today are no different from the State-run version in China today. Oh, Mao, the FBI is proud of you… Their Stasi paramours cry out for the normalization of necrophilia, and why not, all other manner of perversion and social decay has been normalized… Check out what they got for that in Madagascar; brought back the black plague by fucking exhumed corpses. All cultures are beautiful! How dare you speak against it, you cis white male!

I didn’t know it, but that’s why I have always admired “Crude, but effective” as my design motives. So many useless fancy guns out there. The fine, precision manufacturing of a Swiss watch. Fancy engravings. More of an engineer’s ego trip, which will never serve the root purpose of a gun. Overpriced. Unworkable in a real fight-for-your-life environment. An abomination… I hate fancy guns. The art of purpose.

Failure to preserve this is failure to preserve me. I can’t call it home if I can’t practice the art of being me. This is what I am. Parting with this is ceasing to be.

World War II was truly the best.

World War I made clear nobody really knew how to do war correctly; that is, fight off a determined aggressor.

MG34. MG42. To this day, the MG3 is just a few minor parts changes to adapt it from 7.92 Mauser to .308. Oh, CETME…

The M1919A4 “Izzy” kit with “NEVER AGAIN” engraved on the trunion in Hebrew. I had a few of these, but was forced to sell them back in the day… Look at the stupid Jewish fools today voting hard and often to make it happen again… WTF happened to Jews? Then, M2HB! Oh, you sexy brick guns, you…

Sten, Beretta M38, PPs-43, MP-40, Suomi M31… Oh baby, dat drum, yo… The sub-machine-gun was in it’s heyday in World War II. The fancy junk of today is called a PDW. If only the pistols of today lived up to that level of functionality and simplicity! Open Bolt. Fixed Pin. Bouncing in a tube, feed every time. Single feed, double feed, even quad feed designs… Wherefore art thou, UZI, KG-9, MPX, Evo?? It’s all 9mm, still…

But, there are two guns that could make my fill out a Form 4 if I ever found transferable examples:

For reasons that are duh, I’ll never have the MGD PM9. But, it does appear that at least a few MG-17s are transferable… I’d settle for a parts kit. That belt feed mechanism, like woah… 8:11 – 10:29 The locking mechanism also interests me.

MGD PM9 recoil system, P90 magazines, straight-walled cartridge similar to a .30 Carbine or .44 AMP … wait for it … Sulfur-less black powder.

Gast double-barrel designs are of interest to me, but not sure I want to buy a GSh23 kit. For that price, think how many M53, CETME C, or Polymer 80 stuffs I could buy… Meh, I might just do it. Would love to scale it down to .308, a la watch me win you dirty Hughes Heligun!

For some reason I like the idea of aircraft guns bent to ground use. The Russian entries impress me the most. Compare the 23×115 to the 12.7×99. Now, compare the weight of the primary platform that uses it… Yeah… NS23, NR23, AM-23, GSh-23, GSh-6-23. ROF is waayyy too high, but it proves who did it best… I’ll skip the VYa and it’s variants. 23×115’s parent cartridge was the 14.5×114. Basically took the 23x152B of the VYa-23 and jammed it into the 14.5×114. Not far from 12.7, eh? If only I could get my hands on spent brass… Due to supreme faggotry, can’t import the stuff. Maybe True Velocity is interested? Lols, no, no they’re not. Here’s some morbidly overpriced links. Polymer cased 23×115 in my M2HB replacement. I want it…

Revolving/er actions are also a fetish of mine… The ShKAS is probably the most impressive overall. Stupendously clever, but for a deliberate purpose and reason that remains simple.

You’ll notice, democide is a word that was proposed in 1994! The same year Clinton passed the perverted “assault weapons” ban. When were Orwell and Huxley published? Decades after most of the atrocities of socialism, we still didn’t even have a word for it. The spellchecker is telling me it’s not a word, even as I type this in 2019… Why? Same reason that those useful idiot/Leftist freaks refuse to include their government’s genocide in their anti-gun statistics. Only a few years ago did the term “assault weapon” get a definition, created by the SJWs at Merriam Webster to encompass pretty much all guns, ever… Up to that point, it was just a scary-sounding term conflated with “assault rifle” to deliberately cause confusion and scare the stupid into support. Now, we finally have a real definition; all guns. As we knew from the beginning, as the evil freak (Josh Sugarman) who invented the term flat-out said; leverage the useful idiots…

Those who wish to repeat the worst parts of history are desperate to manipulate the education system… Both to prevent history from being known, and that repeating it is their plan…

It’s similar to the Bump Stock Lie. Combine the Lie of Conflation with the Lie of Omission. How can you see what’s being conflated when it’ being omitted?

What you don’t know very much can, and most assuredly will, hurt you.

Idiocy is never benign because Nature itself is viciously prejudiced against idiots. You’ll die if you’re an idiot. They have no choice but to form mobs and go on the warpath, demanding socialism in small bites until they’ve eaten everything… when they finally learn the word “accountable,” because they’ll never hold themselves accountable. You better own a belt-fed rifle, and a few pallets of ammo to go with it… Because they’ll segregate demographic groups to blame as “those people” who are the ones who must be slaughtered to reach utopia… “Those people” are the ones holding us supreme beings back from our next Great Leap Forward. “Those people” are resisting our East German Utopia. How dare they! Don’t they understand!? theyre so dumb, theyre not even people, you who have not picked a side, listen up. You shouldn’t be bothered by the slaughter of those savages. Nevermind that it proves we’re the savages… Same thing every time. Always the Left, because the Left is created from idiots, and idiots are never benign.

You ask why I call the left idiots; because they are. I’m not saying they’re stupid. I’m saying that the stupid form the left and demand socialism. they’re idiots. It’s their only means of survival. It’s not that these concepts are inseparable. It’s that they are a distinction without a difference.


They are all the seam thing at a different stage of progression, with different degrees of commonality, and different degrees of acceptance as they grow into a majority.

Study the censored history of guns, and you will learn these ultimate truths.

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