calling for violence and murder…

Where is the FBI?

The Left can organize riots.

Call for and offer rewards for specific, directed, described violence against anyone who defies their agenda.

Twitter won’t censor them or remove their “verified” checkmark as a punitive measure, like they do to to white men for the leftist crime of not appologizing for existing.

But, worse, I ask sgain; where is the FBI?

Anyone dares step up and suggest counter-violence, the fedcoats will be at your door in no time…

Why would they do that? Because they’re protecting their own interests. This whole mess of overthrowing the republic with SJW infiltration must be protected. Can’t allow anyone to tear down nearly a century worth of careful work… This shit is no accident.

It’s not just social media companies… In fact, if you dig a bit, you’ll find that the Silicon Valley mobsters are acting at the behest of Alphabet Soup. There’s no other explanation for the morbidly unequal application of the law.

Why is one side not only allowed to call for, but encouraged to, instigate, describe, plan, and offer rewards for violence… But, the other side is forbidden form even acknowledging it? Forget defending yourself from it, or even speaking words to counter it… Speak out? Knock, knock… Stasi 2.0 wants to intimi-, er, “talk” to you…

Eat shit and die you evil fuckwipes. It’s clear that a militant solution is the only remaining option. You’ve made all other options impossible.

You think the SJWs in the media are pissed off? The fedcoats who sculpted them and put them in place are seething…

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