Who hurt you?

The insult/aspersion of the rejected whore, pretending to care or understand. A concern troll.

It’s got nothing to do with hurt. More “feelings” projection… Assuming this would work on a man, because she believes men and women are the same. We’re not. All it does is further expose that she’s psychologically disfigured.

It’s about fitness for the sacred task of raising a child. When a woman is unfit for that, she is unfit for everything else. It’s the core of what it is to be woman.

So she betrays me. Big deal. I’ve been cut so much I no longer bleed.

But, my son… It is a man’s duty to withhold his seed when there is no suitable soil in which to plant it.

Women redefine words.

Mature = slave blind to what she is using him for, and doing behind his back.

Commitment = choosing her even though she is morbidly unfit. Sticking to his job as a slave no matter how many times she stabs him/family in the back and brags about it to score points with the feminist ego trip she uses to replace the personal fulfilment of the natural feminine role. Of course, it doesn’t work. So, they get crankier and more vicious the further past their expiration date they get…

I age like whisky, you age like milk. The wall is coming…

They twist the words like a corkscrew into our spines as a form of manipulation. Sophistry. Conflation. Chicanery. False equivalency. Gaslighting. Plain old lies. Every form of deception aimed at abusing a man’s responsibility response. Making him carry the impossible load if her deliberate and engineered developmental character failings. No matter how her narcissistic delusions come up short, it’s all a man’s fault. Whichever is nearest. None come near anymore? Blame the patriarchy…

Feminism teaches betrayal of womanhood; the only way to be a “real” woman is to reject all that it is to be a woman. Then, imagine the worst pig/douche-bag of a so-called “man” that you can, and aspire to be “equal” to that…

I’m not “mature” because I don’t take a whore of *that* sort seriously. I have “commitment issues” because I didn’t pick her, or because I leave her when she betrays her vary nature. When she betrays her own nature, it’s a guarantee she’ll betray her children and husband, too.

You’d have to be a lunatic to “commit” to that!

Ever woman claiming to support, or at least understand, MGTOW is just another man-hating leftist pushing the very nonsense that is causing the schism. They’re too selfish to even try to understand. All they do is craft words they hope will catch them a sucker…

The cause is not the solution.

It’s the exact same thing as the woman who appears crazy as she jumps from wild accusations, fake tears, etc to the next in divorce court. You don’t understand the use of language is not literally. The meaning is irrelevant. The her, she’s just blurting it a series of sounds that have previously worked to get her what she wants. It’s no different than a magic spell. Of course they laugh at our pain. It’s not even the intended effect. She doesn’t care or even realize the collateral damage. She doesn’t have that much depth. It’s no different than a bird slightly altering it’s chirp to see if that works better. Whatever face noise she has to make to get what she wants, she’s looking for that. The same for these pro-MGTOW or anti-feminist women. They’re just bulchi g out the noises that will get them what they want. Ownership of a man, and the opportunity to betray him, steal everything he us for enough to “provide,” and weaponize his in children to further that end.

Hurt me? Pshaw. Pain is only the distraction that blinds the weak. It’s an illusion itself. Ignore it. It’s not relevant to the task and role if a man.

I’m the guy that fucks your wife. I’m the guy that finds out she was married after the fact. I’m the guy that sees the act she puts on. The act you fall for every time. I see how unwavering your faith in her is. I live the joke she makes of your dedication and committment as she texts you with my dick in her throat. Or ass. Or wherever she can jam it. The more fucked up, the harder and more frequent her orgasms… It’s not merely that nothing is sacred. It’s a race/ context to be as blasphemous and perverse as possible.

Being cheated has next to no impact. Being the one they use for the cheating… If only I were as dumb as a Simp, or a fuckboi, or a Chad/Tyrone… Only the stupid find this desirable.

The fool’s paradise is a wise man’s hell. Unfortunately, there is nothing for the wise in this world. I seek solace in foolishness, but I know I will not find it…

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