Operation Choke Point

Even as the full magnitude of Operation Choke Point is being revealed, the idiot know-it-alls of the Internet still call names for my refusal to sell on Amazon, eBay, and because I do not accept PayPal…

All of these, and more, have eagerly gone along with Operation Choke Point. They were chomping at the bit for an excuse to discriminate before Operation Choke Point was even created. If you’re selling with any of their services, it’s only a matter of time. You’re only getting away with it because they haven’t noticed you yet. Even Gun Broker is anti-gun! Solvent Traps on eBay, but not on Gun Broker… Disgusting!

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citi are only too happy, as well. McMillan recently launched their own Card Services after BoA snubbed them in favor of the current regime’s fraudulent agenda.

If you associate with any of these, you’re supporting the destruction of essential human rights.

Why even use these Banksters anyway? Because the average American is far too stupid and taken-in by FUD and Propaganda to realize the incredible value of cryptocurrencies. “But, BitCoin doesn’t have backing or a central issuing authority!” the fucking morons cry out. I reply “You say that like it’s a bad thing, idiots!”

Backing = manipulation, inflation, etc.

Central issuing authority = seizure, regulation, monitoring, theft, eradication of the 4th Amendment…

I’m glad to see a form of money that is no longer encumbered by these tragic faults! The chains are cast off! But, there stand the Americans, begging to have the chains put back on… Can still barely send an email after 20 years of Internet…

This degree of incompetence is why America is failing. If you can’t figure out how to operate your rifle, you won’t be able to fight back with it…

I’d love to accept BitCoin and DarkCoin as payment. No more middle men. No more fees. No more accounts. No fear of seizure, theft, fraud, or loss of any kind. But how many of my customers have the ability? Most Americans are barely functional humans beings, and get offended if you tell them so… Americans need to step up.

They’re never going to learn.

This government bullshit with Operation Choke Point is precisely the sort of thing that cryptocurrencies were invented to nullify. But, most Americans are too stupid to use them… They can’t even be bothered to use TOR, PGP/GPG or TrueCrypt even though they know full well the extremes of 4th Amendment Violations occurring.

Let me try to dumb it down for you. Back in the day before Cars and Airplanes existed, there were horses. That was the definition of transportation. Do we say that Cars and Airplanes are not forms of transportation just because they do not fit the definition of a horse?

For the first time in human history, we have a form of money that changes the definition of what money is; by detaching the bad parts we’ve gotten used to tolerating.

“But what if the guvthugs ban it?

They banned methamphetamine and guns, too. How successful has that been? Of all the things the guv seeks to ban/regulate/control, how many of these endeavors have been successful? They banned murder, but it still happens. Quite a lot… They banned marijuana, so, there’s no way you could ever get your hands on any of that if you wanted, right? I mean, the guv said it, so weed must just not grow anymore… Do you think that if the guv ban’s gravity we could all just flap our arms and fly away? When government seeks to alter the laws of nature, it always loses and makes the matter worse, not better. There are consequences for defying reality.

The bottom line is that the government only gets away with that which you let it. It isn’t anywhere near as powerful as it wants you to believe.

Even if I were in prison, “they” couldn’t stop me. It would only increase my exposure to people I could teach, and that’s what my ultimate goal is! Put me in prison to teach all those “criminals” how to make guns from damn near anything? How to make your own ammo from burnt wood and your own pee!?

When I first started researching and talking about this, I found only ONE resource via google, now look (learn more, skip the Sulfur), but I digress, as usual…

It is ignorance that keeps us under their yoke. Even the guv’s monopoly on violence cannot serve them against the power of understanding the truth of reality. If you want to fight the enemy, you have to stop being so fucking ignorant, America.

Stay tuned for “Operation: Choke on my Dick, Eric (Operation: ComDE)” in which I will attempt to force-feed Common Sense to my fellow Americans…

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