Stupid MGTOW question: Why do women cheat?

There is no “why.”

All that matters is the observable; they are unfit to raise a child because they are unstable, unreliable, untrustworthy, and unable to commit.

Notice that they demand from a man that which they never reciprocate?

A child deserves better. If she would make a bad mother, she’ll make a bad everything else.

Men get lost in the selfish MGTOW megalomania. Men aren’t even the target. This is why women have no respect for MGTOW. All these men crying about being destroyed when they weren’t even the real target, just accidental collateral damage in a woman’s true agenda: to destroy her own children and destroy the concept of family.

These are more important than any man, though he would be a part of it. He becomes feminized by MGTOW because he thinks it’s all about him; that’s how a woman thinks.

It’s somewhat understandable. A man has to be concerned with himself when he has a target on his back simply because he is a man… He has to look out for himself, because not only is nobody else doing it, absolutely everyone that exists very much is out to get him.

There is no partnership. There is no we. Pretending it to be so only makes him an easy mark. That’s the whole point. Every virtue of a man twisted into a weapon against him. He will abandon his virtue and role.

Who could respect a man who gets all wrapped up in how he’s been wronged when something far more important and sacred is being wiped out?

I’ve been cut so many times I no longer bleed… Maybe that’s why I have perspective… It’s why I’m still torn on renunciation and building the gun I want to create… It’s more important than I am. It’s not about me. But, if I get screwed over for fultilling my duty, what’s the point? Not because I got screwed over, but because what I create then goes to waste, or gets twisted to evil.

It’s the same predicament as MGTOW: if what I create will be perverted into a weapon against the very thing it is meant to preserve, then I become the instrument of evil. How can I avoid that happening in such a perverse nation and society?

If I will be made to suffer for my virtues, why should I retain them? If I will be mocked for fulfilling my duty and role, why should I do it?

It comes back to “…pearls before swine.”

But, part of what makes a human pearl what he is, an honorable intelligent man, is his productivity. The pearl must be cast. When there is nothing for then pearl to be cast before but swine, what is the solution?

Cast ye not your pearls before swine; but what do I do when there is nothing but swine, and they all gleefully turn again and rend me?

What good can I do if I’m dead? I don’t fear death. I fear uselessness. There is nothing more useless than a corpse…

It’s also why I cannot abide hedonism. I sit here in East Pattaya, and all the animals cast aspersions in assuming what I do with myself when I’m here… Fighting this internal moral struggle is all I do.

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