Nailed it.

Patreon is a microcosmic reflection of the entire western world. This is why I won’t invest in the United States.






The bump stock lie is a perfect example.

The Coward Conservatives and Fudd gun owners go along with the lie because they know they would have to take a stand and fight otherwise. They prefer the comforting shield of the lie. They don’t have to face their own moral cowardice as long as they promote the lie.

Another sacrificial lamb.

The precedent it sets is the most dangerous part.

Lie about what X is and what X does in order to twist an existing law into applying.

If the bump stock lie can stand, then they can also arbitrarily say that your shirt is cocaine. Poof, you’re in possession of a controlled substance.

You’re already a racist simply for being white.

You’re already a rapist simply for being a man.

The bump stock lie is a continuation of the same collectivist pattern.

Just lie about everything… Go along with the lie because you’re too much of a coward to stand for the truth.

Trip your friends as you run from the zombies. 20 years later, you run out of friends to trip.

Cowards deserve to see their nation collapse. You betray the truth. You betray the Constitution. You betray those who stand for good and decency. You deserve to burn.

Gun owners are always the first targets. The test subjects, because students of the gun hold all the puzzle pieces the collectivist usurpers don’t want anyone to learn.

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