Colleges have been like this for decades… As usual, the Republitards have already lost the war before they even figure out it was happening… My High School was a private “Christian” school. I graduated in the mid 90s and this nonsense was already there at fever pitch…

The events happened decades ago, and they’re just now getting around to noticing and talking about it, but action, hell no! They’re with obsessed with describing it to themselves! NO SHIT MOTHERFUCKERS! I’VE BEEN LIVING IN IT MY WHOLE ADULT LIFE, AND IT’S GOTTEN WORSE EVERY DAY BECAUSE YOU WON’T DO A SHITTIN’ THING ABOUT IT!

The Republitards have just now stumbled upon Pearl Harbor for the first time, and have decided, in the most Monty Python-esque manner they could muster, that “This calls for immediate discussion!”

And then there’s me. How dare I raise the Reublitards from the slumber in their ivory towers… How dare I be right about all of this for decades… I must be punished for making the brainless, backstabbing cowards look bad…

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