Mass shootings in schools? You don’t say…

Writing off people who go on shooting sprees as “nutcases” is why the media gets away with lying.

These people are not crazy.

They’ve been stripped of their humanity (unpersoned) and hope for the future (always last to be picked regardless of merit), and seek to punish those who did it to them.

A perfectly sensible and healthy response.

They don’t want to be tortured by a degenerate society for all their days, so they want to deprive that society of the pleasure, while making it suffer the consequences of what it did to them. I can’t fault them for this, either…

It doesn’t work like that… But, they’ve been pushed past the point of bothering with such details… However, a shooting sprees is a selfish indulgence which fails to hit the mark. Their actions are twisted into the next excuse for gun control.

Provoke, antagonize, then use the outcome as an excuse/justification for more provocation and antagonization.

Nature finds a way, and it’s usually messy.

The cops are reaping it as they have sown it.

Don’t you think the same will be true of others?

Who is so arrogant that they believe such an evil government and society won’t reap consequences?

You may find it distasteful, but it’s anything but crazy. It’s the perfectly natural order of things…

Beat people down unjustly, strip them of their humanity and any hope for a better future, mock them for their virtue, slander them for their efforts in good faith; they’re going to snap and make you pay for it.

And, they probably won’t be very discerning about who “you” is.

Why should they?

Not crazy at all. Makes perfect sense. The society that refuses to think critically about it’s own failings and and writes it off with name calling instead (racist, bigot, crazy, etc.) is, deservedly, going to reap more of the same…

You will be punished for allowing your society to become so arrogant and morally bankrupt, and you deserve it for so blithely writing off those you’ve wronged.

It’s the microcosmic version of revolt or civil war. “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not gonna take it anymore.” It’s not crazy at all. It’s what the USA was founded upon.

It’s a sign of things to come…

I dare you to find any point in human history where young white men have had more perfectly valid reasons to be mad as hell, unwilling to take the abuse anymore, and no hope in sight of it coming to an end peacefully…

…and somewhere along the this shitshow, I ceased to be one of them…

The neo-marxist post-modernists have even infiltrated the conservatives, happy to embrace lies, denial of reality, sickness and perversion as “diversity.”

See the Bump Stock Lie for the exact point at which government ceased to be valid.

Who will save you, white boy? Even if you survive, what life can you have? Why not grab a few mags full of .223 and go out in a blaze of glory?

These circumstances are no accident. This is the result of slow and careful social engineering. Blame the SJWs? No, they’re just a recent aberration of a very long plot by our own government. Why else would leftist staff openly encourage the bullying and abuse of students, and simultaneously forbid all forms of security, or even access control, in schools? It would be unthinkable at a museum or a bank…

A student was recently attacked by his SJW school staff for pointing out their complete and deliberate lack of security. They got butthurt that a kid was proving what they were deliberately failing to do in the hopes that something bad would happen in his school. So, to silence him and cover up their plan, they accused him of being the one that was plotting something bad! Sufficient specifics escape me at the moment (teflon brain) but if/when I remember I’ll cite a link to the events.

It’s a trap!

Outrage Politics needs stacks of dead children, because there is nothing more outrageous than a stack of dead children!

Follow the money!

Does a stack of dead babies benefit Gun Owners’ Groups?


But, who does it benefit?

Oh, right DemonRats. The people who keep doing exactly the right things to make this shit happen, again, still… Without a stack of dead babies, they don’t get their mansions and new luxury cars every year…

This is the reason why a deeper analysis of these problems never happens; the DemonRats know the trail comes right to their door.

Don’t give it to them. It’s exactly what the evil fuckers want!

This is the only reason I never went on a Rampage.
This is the only reason I didn’t commit suicide.

I would be twisted to an evil agenda.

Its that decent person habit of always thinking ahead to “What’s next?” and preparing for it.

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