The most obvious setup of all time…

The feds have already harrassed and threatened me for making comments like this before, but I’m not going to back down.

All involved in framing Cody Wilson must be made into an example.

But first…

Cody! Dammit man! What the hell are you doing on a website like that anyway!? I quit social media years ago because I kept getting messaged by supposed 15 and 16 year olds… Obvious setups from police posing as underage girls trying to frame me. Why would you deliberately walk into a setup? Why the hell would you want a trash whore? Do you have such low self-worth that you settle for that? You’re the dumbest smart guy of all time…

Ok, back on topic.

This blatant and open Sedition and Treason cannot be tolerated. It’s like they’re bragging that they can do anything to anyone… Flaunting it…

These dirty pigs absolutely must meet the justice they deserve; immediate execution.

Such blatant Sedition and Treason must be met with swift and brutal consequences.

These degenerates cannot be allowed to stand in the US of A! We cannot allow the Republic to be overthrown by these smug tyrants. We cannot allow the rule of law to be so flippantly dissolved.

Justice? Justice is the slaughter of these lying, deep state thugs. This is not an accident. This is the most obvious setup there has ever been. Don’t kill cops at random, like the BLM trash do. Pick the ones that commit sedition and treason; the APD.

Cops are in the crosshairs, and they absolutely deserve it. They are the sadistic, fully informed, willing vehicles of judicial sedition and treason. But, stop killing them at random. The BLM nonsense is a distraction tactic likely created as a false flag by the Deep State itself. As far-fetched as it sounds, there might by a mythical unicorn out there; a good cop. You might get one of them… But, that’s exactly what these cowards are hoping for. They want the good cops to catch the bullets as they continue to get away with what they do… They hide while the good ones pay the price.

Sedition and Treason are Standard Operating Procedure for these neo-Bolshevics bent on overthrowing the Republic. All involved in this setup need to swing or the Republic is already dead. You will never find justice in the Kangaroo Courts. Going willing into that trap like cattle to the slaughter is pointless. Law Enforcement and Judges have colluded for decades to bring us to the point that we have but one option left to us. Rubber stamping pieces of the Bill of Rights away, until there is nothing left. The outcome has been decided well before the trial. Look what they’re doing to Kavanaugh! That isn’t even a courtroom and he’s guilty until proven innocent! Civility and the Rule of Law are bridges long burned and gone! Stop fooling yourself!

Focus! Cops are going to be killed anyway. The festering rage against the extreme corruption of law enforcement and the judiciary in this country is undeniable. Most are confused and deluded, but, nature finds a way. There will be a balance. Consequences always come. It’s usually messy. It’s not right. It’s not wrong. That’s just how it is. You strip people of their humanity, they take it back. Even in a prison, the most common trolled environment there is, inmates find a way to make weapons and some form of drugs and alcohol to deaden the psychological tortures they are forced to endure at the hands of the state… And worse… Nature finds a way. Cops will suffer their comeuppance, one way or another…

For colluding with judges to erase the Bill of Rights and overthrow the Republic, Sadistic Law Enforcement thugs have absolutely got it coming to them. I know I’m about to be accused/charged for “inciting” that which is already afoot, that which was already in motion before I was even born, that which they have worked hard to bring upon themselves. They need a scapegoat. They never own up to what they do. I’m saying focus. Since cops are going to be, justifiably, killed anyways, kill the ones openly pushing the deep state agenda, working to overthrow the Republic. Whoever it is that’s had enough, don’t go on an indiscriminate, selfish rampage. Don’t. Focus! If you just can’t hold it back anymore, you’ve got nothing left to live for and you want to go out in a balze of glory; at the very least, make a trip to Austin before doing what you’re about to do. Claiming that my commentary is “inciting” is like claiming that I’m inciting the wind to blow during a hurricane. But, we all know it won’t matter. They keep pushing their anti-Constitution plot, so the one calling them out gets blamed. Nothing new. Truth is treason in the Empire of lies.

I don’t say it with pleasure. The Republic dies if these evil DemonRat cops live.

You think these deep state cops would have bothered with this setup if they didn’t already have a complicit deep state judge ready to go?

There is no defense. There is no petition for redress. Facts don’t matter. Only the deep state lies and the deep state agenda matter.

They’ve worked so hard for so long. They’re so close to finally overthrowing the Republic. They’ve got it in the bag if you let them get away with this.

Save the Republic. Don’t go on a pointless rampage. Focus. Kill these traitors instead. They themselves have taken all other options off the table. They made peaceful resolution impossible, so now violent resolution is inevitable. You’ve been driven to the breaking point, so take it out on those who have worked hard to deserve it most!

“…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

I hate it, but we have nothing left.

The ultimate stupidity is our only hope…

These neo-Bolshevik tyrants will never back down. The rule of law is dead unless their blood is used to restore it. They will never stop.

The Hangman will come for us all. One at a time.

Will you be the one who served him best; by standing idly by and allowing this to proceed?

Will you carfully articulate some faux-intellectual word salad; claiming to pick up the turd of cowardice from the clean end, polish it, and wear it as a badge of honor?

The battle is already upon us. The chains are clanking… The delusive phantom of hope will serve us naught, as it served all those who came before us.

The fourth man’s dark, accusing song had scratched our comfort hard and long…

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