Captain Ahab was my evil twin…

I’ve been ranting a bit lately, but Nomad Capitalist found the words that I could not.

Patriotism. What good is it when all your fellow patriots prove to be a bunch of hot-air cowards who never take a stand for anything, and are perfectly happy to stab you in the back?

I’ve known the warning of misplaced patriotism. I’ve seen the writing on the wall. I’m not a fool. I’m something worse; a fool in love.

I can’t let go, even though I know it’s over. I’ve been betrayed by America over and over again. But worse, it’s not about me. I’ve been betrayed by proxy. I wasn’t even the target… The American people have betrayed their own ideals. Betrayed their own Constitution. Betrayed the very concepts of truth and decency at every turn… The things I stand for. If truth and decency are not welcome, what of it’s practitioner?

But even as I seem to find people observing this same loss, those people who claim to be of like mind adhere to their old ways and throw me under the bus to save themselves… Again. Still. This time. The Hangman will return again…

I’m not leaving America.

America left me.

My username is camosoul, because I am the best example of American values, those that once were, that I have ever known. I’ve worked hard to make myself that way.

But, I haven’t seen it when I look in the mirror in a long time. Consumed in an ugly battle, becoming a monster because that’s what it takes…

When I leave this fetid patch of dirt that no longer embodies anything good… I take what it once was with me. While it dissolved into rot around me, I absorbed all that it once was into me.

With the same passion as a rabid maniac throwing his entire life away for petty vengeance – If ever I find that fertile hump on the horizon, where the seed inside me can grow; I will cut out my heart and plant it there.

The 4th man’s dark, accusing song had scratched our comfort hard and long… So fuck him!

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