The Bump Stock Lie

Bump Stocks do not have anything to do with the capacity to bump fire.

But now, Florida officially has a law that is a legislated falsehood.

Bump Stocks do not have any impact on a gun’s ability to shoot at any particular speed. It’s just plain not true.

Bump firing is an inherent trait of all semi-auto guns regardless of bump stock or not.

It’s like passing a law that says “Cars are banned because they rape babies.”

But… Cars don’t do that… So, what’s going on?

When government corruption has gotten so bad that they can write such extreme silliness into law, it’s a lost cause.

You can’t fix a government so horribly corrupt that it will legislate an easily provable lie.

Add this to what the SCOFL did in regard to Open Carry earlier…

It’s not even about the actual subject matter of guns. It’s the extremes of lies, sophistry and conflation being used to justify the corruption.

Not only has the Emperor got no clothes, he’s dancing a jig and rubbing his junk in my face.

Facts and reality are irrelevant.

Selling everything and leaving Florida.

This country 100% deserves the path of destruction upon which it is set. I have no pity.

Fuck Florida and fuck the USA.

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