History of the Narrative

So many lies… Layers and layers of lies.

I’m going to keep a specific focus with two control models.

I’m going to talk about the Left’s base thread on gun control and it’s methodologies for progress over history; for the purpose of exposing the baseline intent, and the fact that they love and enable mass shootings instead of having any interest in stopping them.

We must first square ourselves with a few facts.

Gun Control has always been about doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result “this time it’ll be different.” Same as the socialists that push it. There is no escaping the correlation between the various party stances. The party of steal from the rich to buy crotch-farming votes with free shit, is the same part that supports gun control. This is not an accident.

I’d like to say that anti-gunners don’t care how many childrens’ bodies pile up, as long as it signals more power to them.

But, that would be a lie.

The truth is, provably, far more sinister than that.

We must also make a differentiation. There are Democrat politicians, and there are the useful idiots that vote for them. I do not believe that the common useful idiot democrat voter is evil and insidious. Just too stupid to figure out that they’re being used. The Democrat politicians, on the other hand, are extremely evil people who know precisely what they’re doing, and they know full well that it results in dead babies. And they love it.

Firstly, if there are no dead babies, there’s nothing to cry about. These politicians become irrelevant. They don’t get the votes anymore. They don’t get their mansions. They don’t get their new Mercedes every week. They need school massacres to occur or they lose. Which is why they perpetually push for “new laws” that assure that massacres will continue.

Secondly, if something that actually works ever got implemented, it would then become obvious that they had been killing babies for power and money this whole time, and they don’t want that.

Turn on your brain for just a second.

We protect our banks with guns
We protect our precious metal reserves with guns.
We protect our filthy politicians with guns (even the ones that want to take yours away).
We even protect our demented celebrities with guns.

But our kids, they belong in a defense-free shooting gallery with no access control at all!

How does this possibly make sense?

The matter becomes more glaring when I Open Carry. I was approached by a fatass welfare crotch farmer that grunted out “why do you need that around my kids?” I replied “”because mine is worth it.”

The party of crotch farming sees children as leverage for free stuff and more power. Always. Dead or alive. Either way, they’ve molded their platform around it.

1) Crank out a bunch of unloved meal tickets to soak up that welfare! Vote early! Vote often!

2) Since they’re nothing but meal tickets, and you’ll be cranking them out assembly-line style; it doesn’t matter if they live or die! Toss them to the lions and then blame the wind for blowing.

“I’m a lover not a fighter!”

If you refuse to fight for it, you obviously don’t love it. I’ve you’re embarrassed of this choice, you deprive yourself of the ability to fight back so that you can claim “It was so horrible, there was nothing I could do!”

The Left has a long history of curating exactly this sort of stupidity and sickness among it’s useful idiot constituency.

Yes, there was something you could have done. You could have shot back.

But, you chose to be unable. You refused to be a tool-using human. Now there are dead babies, it absolutely is 100% your fault, and you’re pointing the finger at the very people who warned you about it because you can’t handle the massive guilt…

Because you’re happy to let your own children die for the glorious Agenda. Happy that it’s your time up to bat in front of the camera and microphone to cry about how “It was so horrible, there was nothing I could do!”

You’ll crank out a few more of welfare babies anyway. You’re not paying the bills, no considerations. Where’s the problem?

In the late 80s and early 90s, the Left openly advertised that they could invent a scary new name for “certain types” of guns, and their own constituency, being too stupid to know better, would latch onto it. The fabled unicorn, the so-called “Assault Weapon.” They said it right to your face “This is total bullshit and we know it, but we also know you’re fucking stupid and you’ll fall for it.” They spit right in your face, and you still voted for them… Josh Sugarman of the aptly named “Violence Policy Center” spit directly in your face and laughed at you. And you still raised his banner! He took a big steaming shit on every dead baby, past, present, and future, laughed in your face, and you took his side! You must understand that this quote was made immediately after he described how to invent the fraudulent term “assault weapons.” He invented a made-up term that sounded scary, and then described that you’re too stupid to figure out that it’s made-up!

But, this is actually just a footnote, and a distraction.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Bump Stocks by now… This is part and parcel of the common thread since the instigation stage of their plan, known as Prohibition.

Prohibition was nothing but a plot to piss people off bad enough that they’d start shooting back.

And it worked.

The dirty government knows that the only way to get rid of the 2nd amendment, is to get people using it!

When Prohibition ended, which it inevitably would, there would be a “big problem with guns” that needed solving, and they could shift all those alky chasers into a new organization called the ATF.

We see the same pattern being used again in the “war on drugs.” OMG the violence! Duh, the government is deliberately instigating and provoking it!

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (Explosives, Really Big Fires, rubber-bands, springs, and shoe-strings).

The Government knowingly provoked and instigate “the problem,” then used it as the excuse to begin it’s wholesale dismantling of the 2nd Amendment.

I’m not going to cover every detail of the original NFA (National Firearms Act of 1934), and it’s following zero-cause expansions in 1968 and 1986, nor the huge number of people who have run afoul of it simply by using common sense, without realizing that common sense is a crime… The NFA’s advertised purpose, and what it’s used for, like all gun control, are a classic bait-and-switch.

While most of it is an inane minefield of zero-sense gotchas propped up by the thinnest of arbitrary pretense, I’m going to focus on the two most insidious aspects.

The “Vertical Fore Grip on a Pistol” and the “Silencer.”

It seems like simple common sense, that putting a vertical grip on your handgun would help you aim it faster and more accurately. Where’s the problem with that? Sounds like a good idea, right? Making sure you can hit what you’re aiming at is basic gun sense. And it’s true. With a fore grip, nearly anyone can shoot the same group at 25 yards as they can shoot at 10 yards without the fore grip. It’s a huge improvement!

But, yes, there’s a law against it. And, a bunch of people have been thrown in prison for decades over the simple, common-sense move of doing that. Because it’s considered a worse crime than rape and murder in most courts. Simply attaching an accessory that assures you hit the bad guy, and not an innocent bystander… Why would that even be a crime? Who would imagine it? There are, as mentioned previously, thin, nonsensical excuses that do not hold up to scrutiny. But there it is. It’s a law designed with the full intent to make handguns more dangerous, and to throw anyone in prison who is smart enough to figure that out.

Now we come to the next one. So-called “silencers.” The word “silencer” is a willful misnomer of propaganda that has no place in law. Yet, when one points out that it should really be called a “suppressor” and not a “silencer,” some assclown always comes along to say “But the law calls is a silencer!” Yes, of course, because that’s part of the lie. They built the lie directly into the law. That’s how bold these assholes are… The Emperor not only has no clothes, he’s dancing a jig as he rubs his crusty, old junk in your face.

Hollywood even invented a fake “pshew” sound effect, which no gun has ever made, that they use in every movie or TV show depicting a suppressed firearm being used.

Suppressors are simply linear mufflers. You don’t have a linear muffler on your car, because, guess what; linear mufflers don’t work very well.

Linear Mufflers, suppressors, are extremely simple objects. I made a business around pointing that out. Several companies have made them by accident! The NAPA 4003 Fuel Filter being my favorite of them. It’s a fucking silencer! And, a damn good one, at that!

A suppressed firearm is still pretty damned loud in most cases. It takes a special combination of barrel, cartridge, loading, and suppressor to get a gun you can shoot without immediately blowing out your eardrums. There is no such thing as a magic can that you stick on the end of a gun, and now it barely whispers a “pshew” sound.

It doesn’t exist.

They lied to you.

Which is why we wear earmuffs.

Think about that for a second.

People congregate in groups at a place called “the range” to operate their potentially deadly firearms.

These people are then forced to put on earmuffs so they can’t communicate with each other.

While operating their firearms.

What could go wrong?

Just another example of the insidious interests of the anti-gunners to manufacture dangerous situations. Which they then use as an excuse for more gun control…

Semi-auto rifles and Bump Stocks are another combination that they started the plan against back in the late 80s and early 90s with the invention of the fraudulent term “assault weapon.”

You remember Diane Feinstein constantly talking about how Pistol Grips enabled “firing from the hip?”

She carefully avoided the words “bump fire.” She had a plan to make sure it didn’t look like a common thread, and she knew exactly how to keep it off the typical dumbass gun owner’s radar.

And it worked.

Bump Stocks do no modify a semi-auto into a machine gun. Bump Stocks do not “increase the rate of fire” in any way, shape or form.

Semi-auto firearms do not have a rate of fire!

A “rate of fire” describes the cyclical speed at which a machine gun will shoot when the trigger is held down.

Since semi-auto firearms fire only one time for each operation of the trigger, it is impossible to increase their rate of fire. IT’s infinity, and it always will be as long as the gun is semi-auto. It is impossible to slam a revolving door. You cannot increase or decrease an attribute which does not exist.

But, this is exactly the factual semantics good ol’ Diane was hoping you’d get lost in as she continued to spread the lie of “assault weapons.” She knows her stupid voting base can’t understand a word of it. She’s getting you to muddy the waters for her.

This is their game. Create confusing. Use terminology incorrectly. Invent new terminology that has no actual definition. Create a massive word salad that their useful idiot constituents have no hope of sorting out. They are already willfully ignorant and refuse to educate themselves. Creating extra confusion only assures that they’ll fall for the next step.

The oversimplified, easily understood lie.

Will you ever agree with an argument or perspective which you cannot comprehend?

Of course you believe the lie. It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s the only thing you even understood!

Thus, her several decades of careful word play on “firing from the hip.”

She was referring to “bump firing.” Which can be done with ANY semi-auto firearm. No “accessories” or “modifications” needed!

But, as another of her pieces of propaganda play out, it was never about the mode of operation at all. It was always about muddying the water with the fraudulent term “assault weapon.” You thought she changed her game, but she’s still on point, all the way back from 1934…

The objective is twofold:

1) Since there is no accessory to ban in order to prevent bump firing, it’s a ban on anything semi-auto, inherently.
2) Bump Stocks were invented as a way to accurately and responsibly bump fire.

See the common thread?

Even back in 1991, Diane and Schumer and Nelson were scheming this shit.

Bump Firing without a bump stock is truly “spray and pray.” It’s just plain dangerous and irresponsible. I don’t do it. I don’t know anyone who would, in an “at the range” circumstance. It’s the thing you do waayyy out in the woods, facing towards a steep hill, so you can be sure none of those “spray and pray” bullets hit anyone.

Just like forcing people to wear earmuffs, and preventing people from installing vertical fore grips; this is about deliberately making guns more dangerous, not less dangerous. AGAIN. STILL.

Bump Stocks do not “facilitate” an increase in “rate of fire” because:

1) semi-auto rifles still only fire 1 bullet for each operation of the trigger.
2) thus, they do not have a “rate of fire.”
3) but, even if they did, I can bump fire it just the same without a Bump Stock.
4) So, exactly which accessory that doesn’t have any impact on that, were you trying to ban?

Even our silly little dumbass cheeto-in-chief fell for it…

In fact, I can remove the “pistol grip,” which was the previously used scapegoat that supposedly “facilitated firing from the hip;” which is just code-speak for bump firing.

Bump firing has been around ever since there was a semi-auto gun to bump fire. It is a concept and a skill, not an object.

I can remove the stock and the grip from my AK-47, or AR-15, and not only can I still bump fire it with no stock and no grip of any kind at all; it’s the only way I can fire it! I can do it with any semi-automatic firearm.

Again, we see their agenda of trying to take away basic, common-sense safety equipment in an effort to manufacture dangerous situations, and depending on the stupidity of their own voting base to get away with it. Yes, all you stupid assholes crying about the dead babies; the blood is on your hands. You are the useful idiots. You are the ones who make this all possible.

Why would you do such an outlandishly stupid thing as making kids defenseless? Is it possible for an adult to betray a child more wholly, than to choose to be equally helpless to that child?

You use guns to protect your money.
You use guns to protect your jewelry.
You use guns to protect you politicians.
You use guns to protect your celebrities.

You see where their priorities are?

But, you throw you kids to the lions, then blame the wind for blowing… Because you don’t love your kids. You’d fight for them if you loved them. But you assure that not only are you, yourself, unable to fight for them; you make laws to forbid anyone else from fighting for them, too! You just love your time in front of the camera, granting more power to the free shit politicians every time your kids die! You’ll just pump out another welfare baby, you don’t care. They’re all the same… Just another meal ticket. Dead or alive, you’re happy to serve! You get more free shit, they get more power, you work together and don’t care tossing a few more of your own children on the pile….

Come on in! Nobody here has a gun! Lets bully the living fuck out that guy for being a little different! Get the staff involved in the bullying!

Oh my gosh, how could this have happened?! It was so horrible! There was nothing I could do!

Would you do that at your bank?
Would you do that with a room full of politicians?

Hell no! Obviously stupid!

But you do it with your own kids!

What if you had to stand outside the windows of those classrooms and watch? I bet you’d wish for a gun. And if you don’t, you’re an unforgivable piece of shit.

The anti-gunners keep setting up the perfect storm, then pretending to be surprised when it happens… And their useful idiot voters, effectively brain-dead from a deliberately shit education system, fall in line every time. They love dead babies! It’s how they get votes, power, and money. Without dead babies, they fade away into irrelevance. Why do you think we hate them so much?

This is why they fight so hard to prevent armed security at schools. They know that such a thing would work. And that would prove they’ve been lying all along. They need dead babies, and more importantly, they need an endless supply of dead babies to keep you distracted. The moment the carnage stops, the thing that stopped it will become obvious.

The thing that works to protect the bank.
The thing that works to protect the politicians.
The thing that works to protect the celebrities.


Yes, the motherfucking answer is more guns!

If only you dickheads would stop stabbing us in the back, there are millions of us who would volunteer to protect schools. With our own time. With our own guns. With our own ammo. And most of us are trained waayyy better than your precious doofus police… It wouldn’t cost a single penny! Millions of us! All you have to do is stop lying and stop stabbing us in the back!

Anti-gunners have, since the 1920s, done everything in their power to instigate violence. Then, point the finger at everyone else. The evidence is clear, broad, and absolutely damning.

Why the actual fuck do you keep voting for them?

It’s plain, obvious, and proven before you this day, that anti-gunners are always looking for new ways to cause a problem with guns, not solve one.

School Shootings are the anti-gun crowd’s Magnum Opus. The thing nobody can argue against. Guaranteed to give them more power and more money every single time! This is how low they’re willing to go for job security.

You can’t “get rid” of guns or “keep them out of the hands of the wrong people” anymore. Manufacturing has advanced, in the last 10 years, exponentially. Being a bunch of idiot snowflake democrats, you’ve never had a real job. So, you’ve had no contact with the massive advancements of industry and manufacturing. If a society is sufficiently advanced that it can make a car or an iPhone in a factory, it can make a gun in a garage almost by accident.

A few years ago, I was homeless. Willfully homeless, mind you. I’m not going to bore you with the story of my awesomeness here. The point being, in just a few years I had my own machine shop. Crude. Inconvenient to work in. Extremely small. But, I went from homeless to “able to make all the machine guns I want” in a few short years.

Think what well-funded criminal and terrorist organizations can do…

If a crazy homeless guy in the woods, living off of squirrels, rabbits, wild raspberries and catfish, can build a clandestine CnC machine shop where he can manufacture all the machine guns he wants without anyone knowing… What do you think you’re banning? You banned weed, and you can still get that pretty much anywhere with little effort. Guns are easier to make than weed is to grow!

That’s totally different! You say?


You’re absolutely right!

Weed doesn’t really hurt anybody.

But, if you fail to own up to the fact that pretty much any bad guy can manufacture his own machine guns in a completely clandestine manner that your imaginary demigod-government has zero hope of ever knowing about, you’re going to be in a world of shit!

Smashing things with a ban hammer just because you refuse to grow up and handle reality is no longer an option. Back in 1970 you could still get away with that idiotic behavior.

Guns are simple machines. You think they’re black magic, but they’re not. They’re one of the easiest things an industrialized society can manufacture. You’re never going to stop it. Technology is advanced, and the heavy-handed, backwards, ignorant hatred of the ban hammer simply won’t work in this new landscape.

Not only do you want to continue an idiotic ban hammer behavior in a day and age where it can’t possibly work, you construct elaborate lies upon lies stretching back nearly a century in an effort to push our entire society off the edge of a cliff from which there is no return… As long as you can wave the bloody shirt of your dead classmates to get more free shit, you don’t care! Why would that be something you want in the first place? Your post-modernist nihilism and celebrations of ignorance need to end, or you will be the last generation of Americans. Once that domino falls, how many “great leap forward”s are the next dozen Maos going to have? Do you even know what I’m talking about? Guess your school isn’t worth a shit, eh?

It’s one thing to allow history to repeat out of ignorance, quite another when your education is being controlled and censored by those who desperately want to repeat the worst parts of it…

Get your shit together. Yes. It’s that big of a deal. Your overlords are “this close” to pulling off their endgame, and you won’t get any special treatment for being the fools that served them best.

Read The Hangman by Maurice Ogden. Get your heads out of your asses.

If someone, anyone, tries to take my semi-automatic rifle with bump stock, I’m going to use it on that person.

Yes, that is a threat.

“Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.” – John Basil Barnhill

Actually, no, Jefferson didn’t say it.

But, no matter who said it, it’s still true.

I never signed my name to it, but I feel it is the responsibility of my birthright. I will defend the Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Domestic being, by far, the greatest threat it has ever faced. If I have to go out, knee deep in hot brass, killing the badged and uniformed enemies of the Republic; so be it.

ATFOTRAF. As long as I get at least 2, I’ll die happy and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

I live for this moment. It’s the only reason I’m still alive.

I do not sleep with my rifle (with bump stock) because I am paranoid and afraid.

I sleep with my rifle (with bump stock) because I could never forgive myself if I missed the opportunity.

I am the Minute Man of 2018. I am not alone.

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