Fuck you, lying punk shits…

We’re begging for our lives!

We keep doing dumb shit and getting killed, and that’s not our fault at all! We demand even dumber shit! That’ll fix it! We’ve been on this path for 80 years, and it keeps getting worse. Logically, the only tenable solution is to continue upon this same path!

The only option is for everyone that warned us about this to give up their rights!

It’s everyone else’s fault!

This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, but we’re a bunch of Democrats blaming Republicans!

Which is why you are either with us, or against us at this point!

In what universe does the president control congress? I think their civics and history teachers might need a bit of review…

What in the actual fuck does the NRA, an organization formed for the purpose of giving guns to freed slaves so they could defend themselves from lynch mobs, have to do with it?

AR-15s are not weapons of war, nor used by any military.

You want someone you’ve been calling “literally Hitler” to take all the guns? Hello? Anybody home?

At this point, I’m no longer worried about these little assholes getting shot and killed. They keep begging for it to happen. Fuck you for blaming me. I’m done trying to save you stupid fuckstain punks from yourselves.

Lets look at both sides of this, but ignore everything except my side… Total ignorance. these assholes are the ones that should have gotten shot.

These little shits stab us in the back for every effort we make to protect them. They lie. They slander.

“Which is why you are either with us, or against us at this point!”

Do you have any idea how many of us would volunteer, for free, to be armed guards in schools? Most of us are waayyy better trained and prepared than an entire building full of cops. But you keep slandering and backstabbing us. Fuck you. By all means, keep reaping what you’re sowing. You ingrate shits deserve it. Karma, enjoy!

You’ve run out of chances. I’m against you. Fuck off and die.

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