I cannot conceive of a more effective way to betray children, than the decision to be equally helpless…

Of course, that’s exactly the circumstance anti-gunners love.

They don’t give a shit about the kids. The bodies can pile higher and higher, and all they do is wave the bloody shirts to gain more power for more free shit.

It doesn’t matter how many die, as long as they never have to admit they’re wrong.

Doing something that actually works, will prove that they’re wrong. Which is why they continue the push to keep making it worse.

Without dead kids, anti-gunners become irrelevant. They don’t get votes. They don’t get their new Mercedes. They need dead kids to remain in power, which is why they push for policies that will assure more of this.

They fucking love it! And nobody is watching them giggle with glee, because it’s just so terrible, and the finger has been pointed in the opposite direction. The finger has been pointed at the very people who are trying to stop it!

This is why gun owners hate anti-gunners so fucking much. Anti-gunners are the baby killers, and they profit greatly in power and free stuff stolen from us! The blood is on their hands, but we get blamed? For over 80 years now. We’re fucking sick of this shit.

They fight like mad to prevent anything actually useful being done, because the results would irrefutably prove that the blood is on their hands, not ours. That’s what all these kids are dying to protect; the arrogant anti-gun ego. The simple refusal to admit they’re wrong, and they don’t care how many kids die as a result of it.

How can you not hate so-called “people” like that?

I gave my son a Saiga .223 w/ Fostech Bumpski bumpstock 2 days after Sandy Hook. Because he’s worth it.

What about your kids? Are they worth it?

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