Snowflakes who do not wish to be snowflakes

There are a few members of generation snowflake who do not want to be snowflakes. But, since the cause of gene/?ration snowflake is retard parents and evil government, to whom can they turn for a leg up?

I pondered this notion as I sought a way to explain various financial markets and how they interact through the human psychology layer.

I came to a realization on a previously discovered truth. Sometimes the opposite of a profound truth can be a deeper profound truth in the same thread.

I said that there were only two limitless resources on Earth; Sunlight and Human Stupidity.

In describing the relationship between the qualities and interactions of seemingly/advertised unrelated financial markets, and that, not only is there are relationship, but even a symbiosis and driving factors much greater than mere interaction, I realize the same applies to my previous ideation.

Not only are Human Stupidity and sunlight the only unlimited resources available on Earth, Sunlight is unlimited only because it is a mass import. Which is, ironically, squandered flagrantly in favor of coal and fusion…

But if we do the opposite… What if we ponder the notion of Human Stupidity having the same Physics as a star?

If Human Stupidity gave off heat, light, and dented space-time as mass does…

These fucking morons (literally and figuratively) think the universe revolves around them. If their narcissistic stupidity had a gravitational field, it would!

The universe truly would revolve around stupid narcissists. Earth would be the most powerful source of gravity in the known universe. Anything close enough to even observe its existence would be incinerated by it. And, worst of all, it would be the only singularity capable of producing light that can escape it’s own gravity; because how can you be an attention whore if nobody can see you? Necessity is the mother of invention…

Most people absolutely love to throw their money away. If you want to get rich, all you have to do is be the garbage can…

There was a time whine I might have referred to my own words here as hyperbolic satire. But, as we observe the implosion of the post-modernist left (feminists, BLM, snoflakes et al), I realize that it’s impossible to satirize such ridiculousness. What one makes as a sarcastic joke today becomes their actual plan and position a week later.

This won’t avalanche into a glorious fusion reactor in the sky, because Human Stupidity does not have the physical properties of a star.

But all that stupidity isn’t going to just disappear… Where will it go? What will it do?

I hope they take their own advice and drink some bleach… I really don’t see any other option for these type of people… They’re unfixable, but they are the majority.

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